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My Name is Winston Irie and I&I (We) Are Here to Help You Crazy Baldheads with Everything You Need to Know about Authentic Cultural Travel!
Jamaican Virtual Travel Guide
Hon. Winston Nesta Irie
Minister of Local Hospitality
(Not Affiliated With Any Monarch, Empire, Government, Regime, Tribunal, Junta, Faction Or Other Hierarchical System of Re-Presentation...)

Visiting Jamaica Is Easy, Exhilarating & Extremely Rewarding, but Learning About a New Culture is More Than Just Seeing the Famous Sights!

Did You Know That Jamaica is The Most Famous Country In The WorldProportionally by Size & Excluding the Vatican…

Vsit Jamaica, the Most Famous Country In the World By Size!
Quite Often, the Smell, Taste, Touch & Sound of a Destination Are Just as Important for That Truly Authentic Experience!
Jamaica Virtual Travel


Visit Jamaica’s North-East for Tourist Destinations like Ocho Rios, Port Antonio & Port Maria

Evita’s Italian Restaurant

The menu, specializing in Northern Italian food, also has a selection of creative Jam-Italian fusion dishes of fresh pasta, seafood, vegetarian & meat entrees.
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Kaya Herb House

Our holistic wellness-focused ecosystem was created to allow our visitors to learn about Ganja history, see how it’s grown & enjoy it in a social setting.
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Sharkies Seafood Restaurant

Sharkies Seafood Restaurant was established to bring you organically and eco-friendly sourced food, cooked on site, that is tasty and healthy for you.
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Villa Paradiso

Enjoy a luxurious, fully staffed Villa situated in a gated community, boasting a fresh water swimming pool & whirlpool, and 150 feet of private white sand beach
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Dunn’s River Falls

Dunn’s River Falls is one of Jamaica’s national treasures. Globally, it is as well known as reggae and equally stimulating. There are few places where the Arawak name “Xayamaca” -…
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Holywell Recreation Park

Just a one-hour drive from the capital city of Kingston, an enchanting world of crisp, clean air, lush terrain and vibrant wildlife awaits you in the Blue and John Crow…
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Geejam Hotel

Geejam Studios continues to be the leading residential recording studio in the Caribbean. featuring 12 spacious guest rooms and private swimming pool.
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Franklyn D. Resort & Spa

Your all-inclusive vacation in Jamaica at the Franklyn D. Resort Spa will be a most memorable family experience!
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True Cultural Immersion is More Than Just Booking Yourself a Resort!

Cultural Travel is More About Adventure, Independence & Flexibility Than Just a Place to Stay.

It’s About Learning About New Cultures, Meeting New People & Discovering Yourself.


We have a wide variety of animals including Lions (born locally in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica), Llama, Zebras, Monkeys, Crocodiles, Toucans & more!

The National Gallery of Jamaica, established in 1974, is the oldest & largest public art museum in the Anglophone Caribbean with a comprehensive collection.

Legendary Harry J Studio, famous for records from Bob Marley & The Wailers', before Tuff Gong, with successes like “Catch A Fire” & “Rastaman Vibration”.

We are a leading distributor of CBD health & wellness products and presently sell from over 450 retail outlets in Jamaica.

Items available are decorative and functional pieces that represent Jamaican heritage, with some modern works as well - all inspired from Jamaican culture.

We have 3 small-sided fields available for rent 7 days a week. Our fields are floodlit so that you can play in the day or night as you hang out with friends.

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