Inquiry Launched Into Secret Talks Between Pfizer & EU Commission Chief for Sale of Vaccines

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“The Commission has an obligation to record instant messages relating to important policy or political matters, such as the procurement of Covid-19 vaccines.” By GreatGameIndia © 2021 GreatGameIndia – All Rights Reserved Inquiry Launched Into Secret Talks Between Pfizer And EU Commission Chief For Sale Of Vaccines Winston’s Comment – Great Work! Watch Your Back, Mr. Ombudsman. People get Suicided for Less than This… An inquiry has been launched into the secret talks that took place between EU Commission Chief and Pfizer CEO for the sale of vaccines. Earlier this year…

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Debunking Biden’s Claim We Must “Protect the Vaccinated from the Unvaccinated”

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It is claimed that vaccines are remarkably effective & the vaccinated must also be protected from the unvaccinated. How can both claims be true at the same time? By Ryan McMaken via The Mises Institute & Posted by Tyler Durden © 2021 The Mises Institute – All Rights Reserved Debunking Biden’s Claim We Must “Protect The Vaccinated From The Unvaccinated” Winston’s Comment – My Seatbelt won’t work unless you wear yours… The official line on vaccines is that they are extremely effective at protecting against serious illness. And yet, these same…

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Antibody Treatments for COVID Work. Why Aren’t They Being Promoted?

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Preventative vaccines & therapeutics like antibody treatment are not alternatives. Promote vaccines, but when somebody is facing possible death, treat them. By Mark Glennon via & Posted by Tyler Durden © 2021 – All Rights Reserved Antibody Treatments For COVID Work. Why Aren’t They Being Promoted? Winston’s C0mment  – This is Simple Math. One (1) Viable Lifesaving Treatment = Zero (0) Emergency Use Authorizations for new, unproven mRNA Vaccine Cash-Cows. Class Dismissed… It’s perhaps the most effective way to save your life if you are infected with COVID-19, but…

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WATCH: Australia FIGHTS BACK! – Protesters BREAK Police Line! – Global UPRISING CONTINUES! (21:38)

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The uprising in Australia is very overdue and if it fails, God help us all. This is global and will not stop with Australia or Canada or France or Italy. By Josh Sigurdson for World Alternative Media & Posted on Bitchute © 2021 World Alternative Media – All Rights Reserved Australia FIGHTS BACK! – AMAZING Video As Protesters BREAK Police Line! – Global UPRISING CONTINUES!    Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent protests in Australia as countless protesters push through police lines again and take to the streets to reject…

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Hospital Staff That Decline COVID Vaccine for Religious Reasons Must Swear Off Tylenol & Common Meds

Common medicines on the list include Tylenol, Aspirin, Lipitor, Motrin, Ibuprofen, Maalox, Benadryl, Sudafed, Claritin, Zoloft, Prilosec OTC & azithromycin. By Tyler Durden for ZeroHedge News © 2021 ZeroHedge News – All Rights Reserved Hospital Staff That Decline COVID Vaccine For Religious Reasons Must Attest To Also Swearing Off Tylenol, Tums, & Other Common Meds Winston’s Comment – Never Did Trust Zoloft anyway. Just Watching the TV Commercial Made You Feel Instantly Depressed enough to ask your Doctor about Zoloft… In order to obtain a religious exemption from the Covid-19…

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