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Biotechnology has made several advances by leaps and bounds that include brain-controlled prostheses, mechanical hearts, and 3D printed organs. As a result, healthcare is rapidly transforming towards a progressive future. Doctors are now successfully able to conduct the transplantation through CorNeat’s artificial cornea.

The world’s first successful transplant of the synthetic cornea was carried out on 11th January 2021 at the Beilinson Hospital that is located in Israel. It is also known as Rabin Medical Center. The process of the transplant was carried out by CorNeat which is an Israeli start-up. The clinical trials of CorNeat’s artificial cornea have received approval in July 2020. The ‘Israel Hayom’ reported this.

Corneal transplantation is a common surgery to recover eyesight. The transplantation requires a donor of the cornea. Nonetheless, cornea donors have a high demand and are expensive. Although pig cornea is a viable alternative. Finally, the synthetic cornea of CorNeat is a huge success that will be life-changing for many.

CorNeat’s Artificial Cornea Advancement  

CorNeat’s artificial cornea transplant was successfully done on a 78-year-old patient. The patient has been legally blind for the past 10 years owing to the deformed cornea. However, the blind man was able to regain his eyesight after getting the fitting implant of CorNeat’s artificial cornea.

CorNeat is commonly known as KPro. The synthetic cornea is gradually replacing deformed or opaque cornea. The CorNeat’s artificial cornea is designed with a non-degradable synthetic nano-tissue. The tissue is placed under the conjunctiva which is a thin membrane covering the surface of the eyelid. Additionally, the tissue lies below the sclera which is the white part of the eyeball.

Dr. Gilad Litvin is the chief medical officer of CorNeat Vision as well as the inventor of CorNeat’s artificial cornea. He has informed Israel Hayom that the method was quite simple. In addition, the operation of the blind man took less than an hour.

CorNeat had selected 10 trial patients who were suffering from corneal blindness. Some of the trial patients were also going through failed corneal transplants in the earlier years. These patients were deemed unsuitable candidates for a corneal transplant.

Irit Bahar is a Professor and Head of ophthalmology of the Hospital. He stated that the surgical process was simple and the outcome had largely surpassed their collective expectation.

He further added that it was an emotional and fulfilling moment for the CorNeat team when the bandages were taken off. They felt proud of the success of the CorNeat’s artificial cornea because it will definitely have a positive impact on millions of people.

Litvin stated that he felt delighted with the results which were surreal. Their achievement is avant-garde and making great waves in the field of organ transplantation.

Avant-Garde Step In Organ Transplantation

Dr. Litvin affirmed that it took them many years to develop the synthetic cornea. Therefore, the room was filled with emotions when the KPro implant was completed with ease and the blind regained his vision. The success of the team lies basically in the fact that the 78-year-old blind man was able to see after 10 years of blindness.

Bahar has also expressed similar excitement after the world’s first successful corneal transplantation. Bahar also hopes that this CorNeat’s Artificial Cornea will allow millions of blind people all over the world to recover their eyesight and live life in a normal manner.

By Mayukh Saha for Truth Theory

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