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This is is your one stop shop for the latest in Jamaican Dancehall moves. You will get a great cardio workout and learn the latest Dancehall moves while doing a fun workout. BRUKOUT & FREESTYLE is a series of dance steps and routines that is designed to have you sweating, burning calories, toning up and learning how to dance! Yoga & Pilates Classes too.

There are a limited number of spaces in each class to allow you to get the most out of your CHAi experience. Please book in advance; booking will open 24 hours before each class. If you are unable to make it please call and cancel.

Spaces will only be held up to 5 minutes after the classes have begun, after which it will be on a first come – first serve basis.

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Skip the magnets, ash trays, and snow globes and bring home souvenirs that your family and friends will appreciate.

As the name suggests, Things Jamaican chain of stores represents all things inspired from the Jamaican culture and traditions. The items available are decorative and functional pieces that represent Jamaican heritage, with some modern works as well. It is a great place to find artwork, sculptures, peppersauces, rum, clothing, and intricate wood carvings.

There are several locations including Kingston, Negril, and the Donald Sangster International airport.

Pick up some Blue Mountain Coffee, hand-crafted pottery, cookbooks, clothing, paintings and other unique souvenirs.

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We are a luxury passenger and courier transportation company offering safe, reliable, comfortable, and cost-effective scheduled services from convenient locations on Jamaica’s north and south coasts including connections to Portland, St. Mary, and Negril.

Jamaica’s most efficient and reliable coach / public transportation service. Located in Montego Bay, Kingston, Falmouth, Westmoreland, Negril, Luana, Manchester, Port Antonio, Gutters, Port Maria and Annotto Bay.

We also do airport transfers from both Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston and Sangster’s International Airport in Montego Bay.

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Hotel Four Seasons has proved to be the “home away from home” for our guests from all over the world who are either on holiday or business. They have even nominated it “their Hotel” due to their satisfaction with our delicious food and beverages, our comfortable facilities and our friendly and efficient staff.

Located in the business district of New Kingston, Hotel Four Seasons is widely respected and admired for its excellence. This splendid hotel of 114 rooms with its ravishing and snug ambiance, friendly staff and its ideal location is definitely the best destination for leisure and business trips throughout Jamaica.

We are located within easy reach of the Bob Marley Museum and recording studios.

Hotel Four Seasons offers a full service package of conference and event facilities in order to meet the needs of the modern business traveler. In addition, we provide spacious, well furnished rooms, to satisfy all your accommodation needs.We even offer special rates for corporate entities and groups. Our staff is well selected and motivated to making your stay at our hotel an unforgettable experience and a truly pleasurable stay.

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Jamaica is to cannabis as Cuba is to cigars — it’s simply the gold standard. And the secret is largely in the land. We will protect and celebrate Jamaica’s environment, heritage, and community in everything we do.

Because to us, “Made in Jamaica” is the ultimate badge of honour.

Medical cannabis is changing the world. Shifting attitudes around the globe are eroding long held prejudices, while on-going research and development is paving the way for natural medical cannabis solutions for patients around the world.

Our new organic CBD Oil is nature’s medicine in its purest form, the plant in a bottle. This soothing full spectrum product naturally lowers anxiety and supports healthy sleep cycles. With proven neuroprotective properties, Jacana’s CBD Oil eases pain and inflammation, whether from injury, illness, or the wear and tear of modern life.

Our CBD oil is a full spectrum organic cannabis extract with 335mg CBD per 15ml bottle. This 100% Jamaican extract is cradled in organic coconut oil and naturally flavoured with peppermint. Our clean extraction techniques coupled with our deep commitment to quality ensures we are always able to bring you nature’s medicine.

Our classic, house strains, perfected over time to grow consistently all year-round.

Three new strains of straight high grade at a sweet price! Always available, always affordable. And in true Jacana style, always organically grown with plenty love.

We believe that all companies have a responsibility to help create a better tomorrow. This can be achieved through sustainable and ethical business practices; harnessing new innovative opportunities; and leaving a positive footprint in the communities in which we operate.

We champion environmentally sustainable practices. Since we don’t use grow lights or temperature controls, our farm emits 25 times less carbon and uses 18 times less energy than indoor grows. We are proud to be one of the most sustainable cannabis farms in the world.

Retail Dispensary
Phone: +1 876 667 1183
WhatsApp: +1 876 883 5103
Email: retail@nulljacana.lifeInternational:

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