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Police in Bali are forcing tourists caught not wearing face masks to do push-ups and sweep the streets as punishment.

The sanction is being handed out primarily to foreigners who don’t have cash on them to pay a fine of AUD $9.

According to authorities, around 80 per cent of those flouting the rules, which requires masks to be worn even outside, were visiting foreigners.

They are referred to by locals as “naughty bule” (naughty foreigners) and are being blamed for public disorder.

In response, officials are forcing them to do 25 push-ups or sweep the streets, but if photos posted by the Daily Mail are anything to go by, not many people are taking it seriously.

According to Kerta Suryanegara, head of the public order police, rulebreakers “act like Covid-19 is not real” and simply laugh in the faces of officials when confronted.

“How could I not be annoyed? Sometimes we feel that we have been abused in our country,” said Suryanegara about the attitude of tourists to the pandemic.

According to the report, most of the “foreigners” responsible for not following mask rules are Russians.

Meanwhile, innumerable people in developed countries continue to wear face masks even while doing vigorous exercise, something that the World Health Organization has warned should not be practiced.

Wearing a mask during running can cause serious breathing difficulties and potentially deadly respiratory problems, but apparently virtue signaling is more important.

By Summit News

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