These Are the Best Cannabis Strains for Improved Sleep

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This strain is known for its calming effects & appetite stimulation, so enjoy after a big dinner unless you want to get out of bed for a midnight snack. 

By Amelia Buckley for The Optimist Daily: Making Solutions the News

A growing list of states are legalizing recreational marijuana and one of the most common uses for cannabis as a therapeutic medicine is as a sleep aid. Cannabis is widely used to help combat anxiety and promote deeper sleep without the use of prescription drugs. 

If you haven’t used cannabis for improved sleep, and even if you have, it’s natural to ask, is there any evidence to support that it helps sleep? There is limited research on the effects of cannabis on sleep, but A 2020 review did find that THC has been shown to help people fall asleep faster and stay asleep. CBD has not been linked to such concrete sleep benefits but has been shown to moderately improve sleep quality. Of the two cannabis strains, cannabis Indica is generally more sedating. If marijuana is legal in your state and you’re interested in exploring its use as a sleep aid, here are the best strains for sleep. 

  1. Hindu Kush. This Indica strain is 15 to 32 percent THC suitable for moderate to experienced consumers. 
  2. Grandaddy Purple. This strain is actually purple in color and is known for its muscle-relaxing effects. It has a low CBD percentage and 12.5 to 32 percent THC. 
  3. Harlequin. This strain is good if you’re looking for a mix of CBD and THC. With equal amounts of both, it’s good for anyone who has experienced anxiety or paranoia with cannabis use. 
  4. Grape Ape. This strain is high in terpenes, the compounds that give cannabis its flavor and aroma, which some researchers theorize improve cannabis’ ability to promote sleep. 
  5. Girl Scout Cookies. This Indica-dominant hybrid strain is 25 to 28 percent and known as a powerful sleep aid. 
  6. Pink Kush. This is another Indica strain with body-relaxing properties. 
  7. ACDC. This sleepy strain is actually relatively low in THC, so it’s a good one to start with if you’re new to cannabis or want a mellow effect. 
  8. Gelato. This strain is known to have warm, comforting effects, making it a good option for relaxation and sleep. 
  9. Sherbert. Similar to its previously-mentioned frozen treat cousin, sherbert is also a warming strain that helps with relaxation. 
  10. Wedding cake. This strain is known for both its calming effects and appetite-stimulating properties, so enjoy after a big dinner unless you want to find yourself getting out of bed for a midnight snack. 

If you’re new to cannabis use, we recommend you begin with a low dose of a low THC strain.  Edibles purchased from a dispensary are a great place to start because of their specifically proportioned doses. Enjoy one a few hours before bedtime for improved relaxation and deeper sleep.

By Amelia Buckley for The Optimist Daily: Making Solutions the News

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