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My wife and I moved to a small town 140 miles west of Richmond, VA one year ago.

When you move to a new home, one thing you will need is light bulbs. So one Sunday after church, I went to a local big box, home improvement store to make my purchase. Finding the 40 feet section of light bulbs was easy to find since they were near the front door.

Making the proper decision was not simple due to types, fittings, and various wattages. During my decision making, eleven individuals or couples passed my position. 9 of the 11 said, “Excuse me, pardon me, or gave a greeting.” I wasn’t in Richmond anymore. I was proud to be in a new area with a cordial population.

Now, 11 months later I find myself back at the home improvement store making purchases for a kitchen project. While I don’t have to linger in the light bulb area, I do have to travel to the store for various hardware items and wood. The friendly greetings or an inner aisle “excuse me” have become infrequent. Eye contact is almost rare. My new, small-town has changed immensely.

The masks and lockdowns are breaking the bonds of society. Civilization is formed by people coming together to work together which produces a synergy whereby the sum of the individuals is greater than remaining alone. This is what is being destroyed.

I have gotten emails from students who say they cannot learn remotely – it’s not the same. Others were in culinary school which cannot possibly be conducted remotely. So many other fields require group meetings. Other students were in fashion. They cannot put on a fashion show. Others were in school to become professional photographers. The same is taking place.

As a trader, there was always an indescribable bond that takes place in a trading room. Splitting people up and working from home also breaks that bond. I have friends who are investment bankers who worked in New York. One moved to Tampa because they no longer return to their offices.

The very core of civilization is the end of individualism/tribalism. As people came together, civilization was born. Courts were an integral part for they were there to resolve disputes in a “civilized” manner. The US Supreme Court acted totally illegally claiming discretion not to take the Texas case. They have condemned society to violence for without courts to rule impartially, civilization CANNOT exit.

You will have the anti-Trump people claiming there was no evidence and the pro-Trump angry because the court refused to even listen to any evidence. Hence, they have defeated the very underlying principle of civilization. There is no longer a reason to even have the United States for it has been reduced to one group trying to oppress another.

This is what is being torn apart and I am not so sure this Triumvirate understands this goes way beyond any possibility of returning to normal. The more they fragment society, the greater the violence with one group against another. This is how the financial capital of the world will migrate to China who will defeat these egotistical totalitarians.

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