Brits Ditch Showering and Wearing Bras During One of World’s Toughest Lockdowns

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The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the daily routine of people everywhere, but Brits have been adjusting in their own way to what’s apparently been the world’s third-strictest lockdown.

Pollster YouGov has reported the extent to which people in the UK have relaxed their personal grooming and hygiene habits during the pandemic.

​Three in ten Britons said they are less inclined than usual to put on clean clothes, while a quarter have not been washing their hair as often, especially women, who are twice as likely as men to delay shampooing their locks.

Overall, taking showers is no longer a regular habit for one in six people. On the other hand, one in ten said they’re showering more frequently. It’s the youngest respondents (18-24) who admitted they are now more likely to ditch showers.

According to researchers at the University of Oxford Blavatnik School, Brits have been through one of the strictest lockdowns in the world, with only two other countries under more stringent restrictions – Venezuela and Lebanon.

Having survived three lockdowns, with the last one still ongoing, many Brits are apparently foregoing fresh underwear and brushing their teeth less often.

More British women are also reportedly wearing less makeup, no longer styling their hair, and ditching bras.

Compared to Germany, Italy, and France, the UK has had it the worst when it comes to life in lockdown, according to the University of Oxford study, that gave each country a score of one to 100 – with 100 being the most stringent lockdown.

Britain notched a daily score of 86.11.

By Evgenia Filimianova for Sputnik News

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