Find Volunteer Tourist Workers for Your Jamaican Farm, Business or Community Project [Special Report]

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If you have a Jamaican Farm, School, Hostel or Community Project that follows Organic or Sustainability principles, you might consider becoming a Host for Work/Exchange – Volunteer Guests. Work/Exchange – Volunteer Guests can provide an Extra Pair of Hands (short-term) to help your Family or Business with various projects, or be Trained to perform Ongoing Organizational tasks like Bartending, Handyman/ Maintenance and Front-Desk Reception. In exchange, Work / Exchange Hosts (you) provide a Welcoming, Social and Learning Environment – plus Daily Food and/or Accommodation – to the Work/Exchange – Volunteer…

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How to Grow your Jamaican Small or Medium Tourism Enterprise (S.M.T.E.) with Rasta Routes [Special Report]

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Thank you for your interest in listing your tourism-related business on – a top Jamaican travel planning resource for international travelers – as well as Volunteers and Work/Exchange candidates. Many Jamaican Small Tourism Businesses have difficulty being found by resort hostel guests and cruise ship passengers, despite having great products and excellent services. We give Jamaican advertisers and Small Tourism Businesses access to a growing worldwide audience of budget travelers, rural/eco tourists and backpackers planning trips to the island, as well as those already vacationing in Jamaica! The Rasta…

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25 Profitable Ways to Grow a Jamaican Hostel Business [Special Report]

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For decades, hostels have been the 1st choice of international budget travelers all over the world to save money on accommodation, but if you are from either the USA or Jamaica and have never stayed in a hostel before, you might be confused about what to expect. Hostels can be Inns, Guesthouses, Bed and Breakfasts, Farms, Cabins, Retreats, Homes or Campgrounds. Hostels are just like hotels except for dormitory-styled rooms filled with enough bunk beds to sleep anywhere from between 4 to 40 room-sharing guests. Unfortunately, hostels are fairly uncommon…

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Expand Your Brand Exposure – Show & Sell Your Authentic Slice Of Jamaica!

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INTRODUCING THE TOURIST SUPPORT LIVE HELPDESK (LIMIT 30 INDEPENDENT TOURIST SUPPORT AGENTS ISLANDWIDE) REPRESENT YOURSELF & INDEPENDENTLY ENGAGE WITH FUTURE JAMAICAN TOURISTS ON YOUR PHONE, TABLET OR DESKTOP! ADVISE & SHARE YOUR EXPERTISE WITH FOREIGNERS AT ALL STAGES OF TRIP PLANNING! — SEIZE YOUR OPPORTUNITY As a Service to our Community, we offer FREE  Standard Listings to Small Tourism Businesses (S.M.T.E.’s) without Contract or Obligation – Inviting You to Promote your Independent Tourism-related Business to Members of our Rasta Routes Backpacker Travel Community. LINK TO YOUR DOMAIN Each Business Listing…

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Showcase Your Experience as a Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassador

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PRE-COVID PROGRAM DETAILS – We Will Update Our Program Soon for the New “New Normal…“ Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassadors are Passionate Volunteers that Warmly Welcome International Visitors to each Tourist Region of Jamaica! WELCOME TOURISTS TO YOUR CITY, TOWN OR REGION AS A GREETER, GUIDE, TRANSLATOR OR SOCIAL MEDIA CONTRIBUTOR Rasta Routes Cultural Ambassador Welcome Greeters Give Travel Advice & Orient Community Tourists To Their Area Of Jamaica For FREE As They Would Do With Friends Or Family & Provide Visitors With A World-Class Version Of Our Already World-Famous Jamaican…

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