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Here at Brian’s Jamaican Windsurfing / Kitesurfing / SUP we have what you need to get on the water!

We’ve got the instructors. We’ve got the gear. We’ve got the local know-how.

Easy access and sideshore winds make this a perfect beach for learning how to Kiteboard with miles of white sand beach. The wind ranges from 15 – 25 mph all winter. Perfect for beginners to advanced kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Jamaica is not traditionally viewed as a watersports destination and we have a vision to change that. Our Island has similar and sometimes superior wind and water conditions to Brazil & our proximity to the US and Canada makes it more ideal for the beginner or intermediate rider.

We’re located right next door to beautiful Burwood Public Beach in Falmouth. Conditions here are also challenging enough for the advanced Windsurfer or Kitesurfer.

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Sun, Fun and Sand ! Escape to this oasis and dig your toes into the Caribbean’s whitest sand.

​Blue Waters Beach Club, Only 10 minutes from the pier located off A1 Highway at Coopers Pen in the parish of Trelawny. Discover an oceanfront paradise, boasting white sandy shorelines, including Wi-Fi and an on-site massage area on the beach.

With our all inclusive package you will enjoy:

· A Lounge Chair

· Unlimited Buffet Including Jerk Chicken

· A variety of Smoothies, Daiquiris, Pina Colada and more.

· Beers & Draft Refreshment.

With more than four hours to revel in the Jamaican Seaside party atmosphere, you can sunbathe along the shore, swim in clear turquoise waters, dance along to the live reggae music, chill out at the tiki bar, rent kayaks and snorkel gear, or relax with a massage treatment( additional cost applies).Do it all, or do nothing at all. The choice is yours.

Kid-Friendly !
Kids? No problem ! We have activities for them too.

Soak up the sun with a complimentary beach lounge chair, Free Wi-Fi and unlimited Jamaican inspired food. A variety of awesome frozen drink including Smoothies, Daiquiris and Pina Colada.

Party at the beach bar, dance to reggae music, rent water sports, swim in clear turquoise water, or sunbathe beachside.

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The Waterwheel is a historic, entertainment venue & natural riverside attraction in Martha Brae, Falmouth, Trelawny, Jamaica. It provides an excellent mixture of history, entertainment & nature tourism in one location.

Getting married? A Waterwheel Jamaica wedding in Martha Brae will make the occasion a truly unforgettable one. It is the perfect setting for exchanging wedding vows!

The Waterwheel in Martha Brae, Jamaica is set against the background of the 1797 Waterwheel. This was the first system to provide piped water to the town of Falmouth, Trelawny (even before New York city).

Events Venue
We are ready to host your weddings, parties, concerts, or other types of legal entertainment events. The beautiful, picturesque wedding venue in Trelawny, Jamaica will leave you with a lifetime of memories.

Our natural attraction is nestled on the banks of the great, historic Martha Brae River. The Waterwheel features our unique, pristine all-natural, river-fed swimming pool.

Location and Directions
The Waterwheel is located on the left bank of the Martha Brae River. This is what is locally called “River Road” in the historic town of Martha Brae (about 2 miles from Falmouth). Martha Brae was the capital of Trelawny parish before Falmouth was founded. Here are more detailed location information.

Please Contact: Earl or Dian  Leakey

The Waterwheel
Martha Brae, Falmouth

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Gear up for a ride on the wild side on our amazing ATV Quad Safari as you experience the trails with power and thrill. Journey through a colonial-era estate and along the coastline with breath taking ocean views.

Arrive at our hidden gem, The Cove, known as ‘Little Negril’ for its beautiful cliff-side views and feel a rush as you jump into the Caribbean Sea. Then take your exploration from land to sea as you propel effortlessly through the water with your powerful underwater Sea Doo scooter. Take a closer look at the underwater world around The Cove and say hi to the tropical fish that call Jamaica home.

Chukka offers the best of Jamaica, with adventures for all ages. Fly through the rain-forest hundreds of feet in the air, swim on horseback, explore the countryside on an ATV, or take a relaxing float down the river.


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Situated on 25.9 hectares of the island’s beautiful North Coast, the Green Grotto Caves are located between the resort centres of Ocho Rios and Montego Bay and are precisely 3.2 km from Discovery Bay to the west and 4 km from Runaway Bay to the east.

The central feature of this natural attraction is the large labyrinthine limestone cave with its unique rock formations, its stalactites, stalagmites and abundance of overhead ceiling pockets, and bats.

Green Grotto is 1,525 metres long and 12 metres deep and is characterised by numerous chambers and light holes and a subterranean lake – the Grotto Lake – occupies its bowels.

Take a journey into underworld charm – a speologist’s dream, a green cavern of mystery and adventure, a slice of Jamaica’s history – part of your vacation with a difference!

Such are the accolades that can be ascribed to the largely unexplored labyrinth of mystical underground caverns called Green Grotto Caves which is surrounded by thick vegetation and supplied with pristine waters flowing from its secret depths. Such privacy and solace were to be found in the Green Grotto Caves, that its rich history can be a identified with diverse groups of people including its first inhabitants, the Arawak Indians (Tainos) who used the caves for various purposes. Proof of this is evident in the multiple fragments of pottery and artifacts that are unearthed from time to time.

During the 17th C when the English invaded the island of Jamaica, the Green Grotto Caves were used as a hideout for the Spaniards who were being driven out of the country.

In the mid 20th Century, between the two world wars, they were used by smugglers running arms to Cuba. In the latter years during the Second World War, the Government of Jamaica used the entrance of the cave as a storeroom for rum in barrels.

Known at various times as the Runaway Bay Caves, Cave Hall Caves, Discovery Bay Caves, Dry Harbour Caves, Hopewell Caves, Rum Caves and Dairy Caves, Green Grotto is among Jamaica’s most prominent natural attractions.

Discovery Bay, St. Ann, Jamaica, W.I.

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