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Jamnesia caters to travelling surfers by providing economical tent and room options at affordable rates.

The Jamnesia Surf Club, situated at Eight Miles Bull Bay, Jamaica was established by the Wilmots – Jamaica’s first surfing family – to provide a home to groom new surfers and help with the development of surfing through surf related events.

Jamaica is ideally located to benefit from the available summer and winter swells that grace the Caribbean and Jamnesia is the perfect base camp from which to launch your Jamaican surf adventure.

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This is a really popular trip. This 33m tall red and white striped edifice marks Morant Point, the most Eastern tip of Jamaica. The 6m wide cast iron tube was shipped from England and erected in 1841 by freed African slaves from Sierra Leone. It is the oldest lighthouse in the island and is listed as a historical monument.

You can climb to the top of the lighthouse. The powerful view and the windy silence make for a profound experience as you look out over rippling cane fields, as green as limes, toward the Blue Mountains, caressed by clouds.

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The Source is a movement of the people by the people and depends on the goodwill of those that believe in the mission of getting back to the Source of things. This is what we learn here, live here and what we teach here. Join the movement. Volunteer.

Learn How to Live Sustainably Experience our Ecovillage and make a Difference! The Source Farm Ecovillage is achieving the goal of sustainability and is a timely relevant model as communities and societies struggle to envision what a livable low- carbon future might look like.

Your tour guide at the Source Farm will tell you about the history, culture and philosophy of the community and will be available to answer any questions you may have. In addition to the philosophy of an intentional ecovillage you will be shown visual tools of permaculture including water catchments, composting, animals and the organic farm. The tour will include a variety of sustainable building technologies including; Steel Span Quonset Hut Nature School and Woodshop, Earthbag structures and a Monolithic Dome home.

You will also see various technologies of solar, wind and light tubes being used throughout the ecovillage. At times the Daughters of Indigo Sewing Cooperative is open and available for shopping. It can be a long tour for children please consider the limits of their attention span when considering bringing them or not.

Visitors with small children please be advised that there is a pond at the Nature School around which children will require particular supervision. Do not bring pets. The tour is about a half mile and generally takes about 2 hours depending on your questions. Tours involve a fair amount of walking, so wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather(there is no air conditioning). You might want to bring bottled water.

We are located in Johnstown about 10 minutes from Morant Bay in the Parish of St. Thomas, 58km or 36 miles from Kingston.

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