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Seville Heritage Park is one of Jamaica’s most significant cultural heritage sites and the area is regarded as the genesis of Modern Jamaica.

The site has been occupied since prehistoric times, and includes the archaeological remains of the indigenous Amerindian (Taino) village of Maima, the 16th century Spanish settlement of Sevilla la Nueva, the post-1655 British sugar plantation known as New Seville, and the distinct landscape and flora that emerged as a result of these interventions.

Come see the collection of Artifacts on display in the Great House which show various aspects of the life of the Tainos, Africans and Europeans. Overlooking the beautiful Caribbean Sea, is the relic of a Water Wheel used to operate the Old Sugar Mill, the Overseer’s House and a BBQ Grill.

The Seville Heritage Park is ideal for picnics, hanging out, & relaxation – plus for the adventurous, there is Horseback Riding.

Guided Tours are offered at the Seville Heritage Park for ~$20USD per Adult & $10USD for Children.

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The main beach in Ocho Rios is a quarter-mile strip called Reggae Beach or the Bamboo Beach Club where great beach food and Reggae music are both served. Considered one of Jamaica’s best secrets, Reggae Beach’s scenic beauty with jagged, protective cliffs on both ends make a great backpacker destination for seclusion and serenity.

An entrance fee of $9 gives access to Lounge chairs and changing rooms. demography and gives credence to the National Mono, Out of Many, One People.

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Scotchie’s Ocho Rios is the place for mouthwatering jerk dishes, sides and soups. Rustic, yet homely, & conveniently located in Drax Hall, the restaurant is open from lunch to late.

Savor the smell of the spicy pork and chicken as the pimento smoked meat sizzles and gets slow cooked on grounds that resemble an estate’s botanical garden.

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A luxurious, fully staffed Villa situated in the gated community of Mammee Bay Estate, Ocho Rios, boasting a fresh water swimming pool & whirlpool, and 150 feet of private white sand beach.

Our 5 Staff including our chef will look after you and our 21 passenger coach and driver are for your exclusive use during your stay and are all included in your rate.

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Enjoy fine dining in Ocho Rios, Jamaica in the setting of an authentic 1860’s Gingerbread house with wooden floors and mahogany bar. You can enjoy lunch or dinner indoors or outdoors, on our verandah overlooking the cruise ship piers and Ocho Rios.

The menu, specializing in Northern Italian food, also has an extensive selection of creative Jam-Italian fusion dishes of fresh pasta, seafood, vegetarian, and meat entrees. Aware of today’s health conscious patrons, we cook each dish to order and to suit individual needs or taste.We also offer lunch specials with more traditional Jamaican cuisine alongside our pasta favourites.

Our menu has an extensive selection of creative Jam-Italian fusion and traditional pasta dishes. We also offer a variety of appetizers, salads, soups and deserts in addition to these entrées.

Lasagna ‘RASTAFARI’ A ‘Vegetarian’s Dream’: Fresh vegetable lasagna with calaloo and ackee.
REGGAE-Toni Rigatoni tossed with sautéed veal (or chicken), mushrooms in a light tomato-curry-cream sauce & toasted Almonds.

‘JERK’ Spaghetti Recipe requested by Gourmet Magazine! Spicy jerk sausage sautéed with garlic, onions, marinara sauce and a touch of jerk seasoning.

‘ONE LOVE’ Penne Penne tossed in Alfredo sauce, steamed calaloo & ‘Jerk‘ seasoning. A spicy, smooth affair!

‘COO-YA’ Spaghetti ai GAMBERI Spaghetti tossed with large shrimp sautéed with onions, garlic, fresh tomatoes, a touch of red peppers and White Wine. Simply GOOD!

Fettuccine CARIB-ALFREDO Fish, lobster, baby shrimp are sautéed and tossed with creamy alfredo sauce. One of our most popular dishes!

Rigatoni ai FRUTTI di MARE Rigatoni tossed with lobster meat, baby shrimp and fish sautéed in olive oil, garlic, white wine and marinara sauce.

Ravioli ‘ECCELLENZA’ Jumbo Cheese filled Ravioli tossed in an alfredo-tomato sauce with baby shrimp sautéed in garlic olive oil & laced with Sambuca Liqueur. SUPERB!

Established in 1984, Evita’s has been a favorite destination in Ocho Rios for over twenty years. We also do catering for weddings and special events. Feel free to contact us for more information about Evita’s, “the best little pasta house in Jamaica.”

We also serve a variety of beer, fine wines, classic drinks, martinis, fine scotch and coffee drinks.

We are located in Ocho Rios, just up the hill opposite Taj Mahal Shopping Center. It is a ten minute walk from the cruise ship piers. Our location high above town gives us a great view and provides one of the most romantic dining settings in Jamaica.

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