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Mobile technology enables people to dynamically slip in & out of different social contexts enabling tourist communications to bridge both individuals present & absent while providing an abstract social space to exchange information & resources, often with complete strangers.

The original concept of community was conceived as location related, built on the physical proximity of a group of people who engage in reciprocal arrangements.

The growth of personal mobility & digital technology has evolved the concept of community into social networks that are built around interpersonal relationships that may be independent of time & space.

Social networks are based on interpersonal ties that provide sociability, support, information, a sense of belonging & social identity where people can slip in & out of social contexts & roles.

While not traditionally categorized as a community, tourists have long come together through common activity & proximity, with community occurring in the loosest sense in hotels & other tourist accommodation on an ad hoc basis.

Examples in tourism include special interest tourism, such as rock climbing communities that exchange advice & organize climbing partners – as well as Jamaica’s own Rasta Routes Virtual Travel Community where potential Tourists can research Jamaican Community Tourism from the perspective of Locals & Make Friend on the Island – before they even arrive!

Extensive Branding & Product Development in the neighborhood of 15,000 hours was needed to effectively capture the essence of Jamaica’s unique Community Tourism products & experiences on

Branding was an overarching issue that emerged from the travel trade’s attitudes about market awareness & incompatibility between Community Tourism & Jamaica’s existing image as a 3S all-inclusive mainstream tourism destination.

We also directly respond & relate to safety & security concerns that are a real threat to our Community Tourism developmental success.

Rasta Routes Authentic Cultural Travel operates at the destination branding level, oriented to enhance the general appeal of Jamaica as a destination, increasing market awareness of Jamaica as a Community Tourism destination & contributing to an image of Jamaica as a Safe Place to enjoy Rural & Urban Community Tourism experiences.

Our goal was to differentiate the Jamaica destination brand by having Community Tourism become one of its strongest unique selling points.

The Rasta Routes Project achieves these goals by infusing our existing branding with Community Tourism images, videos, story ideas & other elements that focus upon:

  • People: The very real character of the Jamaican people, their attitude, & way of life. Real, genuine people who are warm, friendly, welcoming & creative
  • Culture: The rich history, heritage, music, art, food, language, architecture, folklore, traditions, values of a special island.
  • Environment: A rich & diverse island with varied landscapes & eco-regions, one that offers much diversity beyond the stunning beaches for which it is known.

At the product level, the Rasta Routes Authentic Cultural Trail product branding program distinguishes Community Tourism products as Authentic – thereby making a ‘promise’ to the marketplace that Authentic Cultural Trail products convey the Positive Essence of Jamaican Daily Life & can be experienced with confidence & relative safety.

CTEs that participate in & meet the requirements of our Authentic Cultural Trail program would be able to proudly promote our Rasta Routes Authentic Cultural Travel, Irie-Mom Tourist Support Network & Tourist Rest and Convenience (T.R.A.C.) Center brands in their marketing materials & at their establishments.

Our Tri-partite Branding encompass the vision & values of Community Tourism in Jamaica – in our humble opinion – screaming & shouting the essence of Community Tourism via Winston, Wan’da Luv, Captain Irie-Mon’ & the Entire Cast of Patois-speaking, Jamaican Animated Superheroes!

The key elements of the Rasta Routes brand include: Our Smiley Winston Logo – the cornerstone of our brand identity reflecting the common Jamaican first name which quickly identifies an individual overseas as a probable Jamaican male native, much the same way that Pauline/Paulette does for females…

Our “Find Yuh’self In Jamaica” Tagline – a double entente, expressing Jamaica’s ability to resonate & connect with the Visitors soul, as well as Rasta Routes (another double entente depending on your pronunciation) ability to Give Sound Advice & Accurate Directions for self-managed & escorted Community Tourism – AND – to also introduce/remind the potential guest of the Already-Famous, Globally Unique & Differentiated dialect they are sure to encounter immediately upon arrival!

Our Captain Irie-Mon Travel Safety Series – a 72 Episode Animated Comic Series directly addressing the topic of Travel Safety in Jamaica to both embrace the issue as our own & to proactively reassure with Actionable Tips which (hopefully) lend a measure of comfort & realistic precaution to potential guests planning Cultural Immersion in Jamaica – as well as bring to life the spirit of our Community Tourism experiences.

Visitor Welcome & Security Programmes

FREE MARKETING TIP FROM WINSTON (Introductory Special Only…) : Consider Changing or Modifying Jamaica’s “Community Tourism” moniker to “Cultural Immersion” not only to align with what the rest of the world calls Cultural / Experiential Tourism – but also to plant the subconscious seed of a longer than usual trip by incorporating the term “Immersion” No One is Googling “Community Tourism”…

By Winston Irie


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