Eric Peters: Pope Fauci & The Variants

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Why dost thou continue to wear thy vestment in view of the fact that thou hast been anointed with the Holy Water (i.e., the “vaccine”)?

By Eric Peters

It sounds like an ’80s synth band but the tune is more like the braying of a defective donkey.

Perhaps you saw the exchange between Pope Fauci and Senator Rand Paul over Mask Wearing Forever, which the Pope of Sickness insists on.

Paul inquired of his Holiness, why dost thou continue to wear thy vestment in view of the fact that thou hast been anointed with the Holy Water (i.e., the “vaccine” – which ostensibly renders the recipient immune from the ‘Rona, else why bother taking it and with it, whatever risk of unknown problems it may cause)?

The Pope’s reply was what one would expect of any religious leader: Just believe. For I saith so.

And, obey.

Rand – playing the part of a latter-day Martin Luther – questioned the Pope about this, demanding to know what evidence could be adduced to substantiate the Holy Assertion that wearing a vestment or two served other than a ritualistic purpose. None was forthcoming.

The Pope  instead resorted to incantations – The Variants! The Variants! – this being the replacement for The Cases! The Cases! – the latter having lost some of its tent show power to wow and cow the Faithful. But wait! While this ‘Rona may have been tamed, a new ‘Rona – several of them, even, could be in the air.

Thus saith the Pope.

Rand said – paraphrasing – but there is not a single known “case” of reinfection or hospitalization of a person who was infected but recovered (that being 99.8-something percent of the people who got the ‘Rona, most of whom never even knew they had it due to the mildness or the absence of any symptoms of the ‘Rona).

These “variants” of which you speak  . . . there is no evidence of anyone so afflicted in this country and no evidence to support Your Holinesses assertion that a person who has had the Standard ‘Rona or received the Holy Anointing is likely to get (and so cannot transmit) the new ‘Rona.

The Pope pursed his thin lips and stated that he disagrees – which counts as a presentation of contrary facts when a religious matter is up for discussion. One does not question the Virgin Birth.

One simply accepts it.

The Pope and his Church have clued you in, so be on notice. This never ends – the vestment wearing or the vaccinating – because the ‘Rona never ends. There will always be a new strain – a new variant – against which the vaccine you had isn’t palliative and for that reason you must always wear your vestment, now and forevermore. You will also be expected – required, perhaps – to get multiple vaccinations, ongoing amen.

For this ‘Rona and the new ‘Ronas.

There is simply too much money and too much power at stake. If the populace can be forced – if not by law than by the forces of economic and societal exclusion (e.g., Common Pass, without which the Unholy are forbidden to travel) to accept the Holy Needle for the sake of the faintest sliver of a chance that they might get seriously sick – see that bit about 99.8-something not-fatal to most people risk of this ‘Rona – then it is not hard to imagine they will be similarly brought to heel in the name of the new ‘Ronas.

Plural, forever.

Plus not just the ‘Ronas.

If – as per the Pope – we must wear the Holy Rag(s) on account of The Cases! The Cases! and then The Variants! The Variants! then why not also for any sickness that might result in death for less than 1 percent of the population?

It will be asserted that the ordinary flu and its variants present an intolerable risk, no matter the actual risk. Because someone might die, all must Diaper.


All of this being a more aggressively weaponized variant of the arguments formerly used to posit and defend hypercautionary (and hugely profitable) traffic laws. On the assertion that it isn’t “safe” to drive faster than whatever the totem by the side of the road says is permissible, a person could be waylaid at gunpoint – the threat is always there – and made to hand over money for harms they didn’t cause.

Certain ninnies advocated – still advocate – a “vision” of “zero.” As in zero traffic fatalities, by whatever means necessary. Which of course can only be achieved by the locking down of traffic, or at least the reduction of its velocity to no faster than a man can walk – which even then could result in a fatality and thus is “too fast” for the ninnies.

This derangement predates Sickness Psychosis but served as its John the Baptist, laying the psychological ground for the coming of his Holiness and the Church of Perpetual Sickness.

Understand that we are dealing with religion and you will understand why it is pointlessly exasperating – as Rand Paul discovered – to attempt to reason with it. There is only one way to deal with it.

You stop trying to reason with them.

You ignore them and – if they persist in their proselytizing – you tell them you won’t have it. To back up – and back off. That their faith doesn’t bind you and if they persist, they can expect to get what the pushy who won’t-take-no-for-an-answer ought to get.

A slammed door in their faces, perhaps. A water hose, if need be. Perhaps more, if that’s not enough.

Whatever it takes to make them go away – and leave us be.

By Eric Peters

. . . 

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