Man Finds Out Government is Lying On a Monumental Scale: Still Thinks They’re Doing Good

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He was amazed to find out that the authorities had been lying about PCR testing, which even its inventor said should never be used as a clinical diagnostic tool.

By Rob Slane via The Blogmire & Posted by Signs of the Times

Man Finds Out Government is Lying On a Monumental Scale: Still Thinks They’re Doing Good

A man who spent last year believing everything the Government and media said about Covid-19 and Lockdowns, only to find out that none of the things he’d believed are true, has announced his continued belief that they must be acting out of purely altruistic motives. Brian Sprocket, a 38-year-old teaching assistant from Barnsley, spent most of last year staying home, wearing a mask on the few occasions he ventured out, and ensuring he stayed away from all human beings, whom he regarded as walking virus carriers.

But at the beginning of this year, he was forced to think for the first time about what was going on, after his television stopped working. With nothing to watch, Brian decided to look at an email sent to him by a friend last autumn, which he had previously dismissed as a conspiracy theory:

“The email claimed that Asymptomatic transmission was a myth, based almost entirely on one false case in Germany. To my amazement, when I actually did a bit of research for the first time in nearly a year, I realised that this claim, which Governments around the world had used as the pretext for Lockdowns, masks, social distancing, and, well everything, wasn’t actually true.”

From there, nothing could hold Brian back from his new found quest for the truth. Having previously believed that the quarantining of millions of healthy people for months on end was a normal health policy that had been used since time immemorial, he was shocked to find out that this wasn’t the case at all, and that normal practice was to quarantine the sick:

“I must admit, I felt a bit of a numpty when I found that out. I suppose it’s obvious when you think about it, but I suppose at least I wasn’t the only one who fell for it.”

From there, Brian entered a whole new world of truth discovery. For instance, he was amazed to find out that the authorities had been lying about PCR testing, which even its inventor said should never be used as a clinical diagnostic tool. He was also shocked to find out the truth about the lethality of Covid-19, which he had been convinced was roughly the same as Bubonic Plague, which had killed up to 60% of the populations it infected:

“All through 2020,” he said, “I’d been sending angry and sneering Tweets to those claiming Covid-19 was not much different to a bad seasonal flu, calling them names like Covidiots and Covid Deniers, that sort of thing. But back in February, I came across a paper by one of the world’s most cited epidemiologists, Stanford University’s John Ioannidis, who found that the Infection Fatality Rate of Covid-19 is around 0.23% — roughly the same as a bad flu. This was accepted by the World Health Organisation. You’d think finding out that Covid-19 isn’t the Plague would be reassuring, but I must admit I found it all a bit unnerving.”

After going on to discover that the vaccines aren’t really vaccines, but experimental gene therapies that haven’t completed their clinical trials, Brian started to write a stern letter to his MP, telling her he’d never vote for her again if she didn’t start holding the Government to account, oppose Vaccine Passports, and demand our freedoms back. However, just as he was completing it, his TV was returned from the repair shop, and after turning it on to watch the latest Government briefing, he forgot everything he’d found out over the past few weeks, and instead expressed his anger at those who refuse to wear masks, who don’t wish to be “vaccinated”, and who are sounding the alarm about Vaccine Passports:

“I can’t believe those stupid tinfoil hat wearing Covidiots and Vaccine Deniers,” he said from under his triple mask. “Don’t they realise there’s a deadly virus about and the Government is just trying to do its best to keep us safe. All we need to do is keep following the rules, stay apart from each other, keep your distance, keep masking up, make sure we don’t mess it up now, get the vax, follow the science, behave responsibly etc etc.”

By Rob Slane via The Blogmire & Posted by Signs of the Times

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