How Fitness Supercharges Your Productivity

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You may be tempted to see this article as just another productivity tip; it’s actually more than that. When I applied the knowledge I’ll be sharing in this article; I found myself working more productively and more focused. However, I also noticed that if the knowledge we’ll share here is not well balanced, you will find out that you’re enjoying increased productivity in a sector of your life, and a shortfall in another area of your life. Figure out the category of productivity you need assistance with so that you can enjoy a well-rounded life.

Physically Fit

I never loved running while growing up, but I was a lover of sports and some exercises that don’t involve running—having a mindset of always finding ways to engage in one type of exercise or the other, which you should also do, as it helps you to get busy with the type of exercise you enjoy from running to yoga.

There are multiple benefits to being physically fit, but one benefit that stands out is that it helps you to improve your mental productivity. Anytime you stretch your body and exercise, your mind will be redirected from your source of stress to the exercise. There are days where my mind will be engrossed in the activity that happened earlier in the day, but once I start exercising, my focus will shift from that to the exercise. You will flourish in what you do if you appropriately exercise.

Emotionally Fit

Emotional fitness is not a well-appreciated type of fitness, but it should. Although physical fitness can help you to be emotionally fit, emotional fitness in itself is very beneficial to an individual if there is a will to intentionally engage in it.

Physical fitness rubs on emotional fitness and vice versa.  You will find yourself highly unhappy if you’re not getting the exercise your body needs, and when you’re in the right state of mind, you’ll exercise better.

What Are The Benefits to Emotional Fitness?

Emotional fitness helps you get away from emotional problems like anxieties, stress, emotional disorders, etc. When you’re fit emotionally, you will have access to lots of opportunities that will assist you in reaching your goals.

When you’re highly fit emotionally, you will have a great relationship with your family, friends, and colleagues at work.

Financially Fit

If you want to enjoy your life and have access to some of the good things in life, then you need to be financially fit. If you constantly experience stress about how to pay your child’s tuition or pay the house payment, then you won’t be able to make yourself fit physically and emotionally. A highly effective way to be financially fit is by having a budget and abiding by its content.

When you make a budget, you can create goals and guidelines for your expenses—this will help you channel your finances to directly correlate with your daily tasks and your productivity for work.

I used to be neck-deep in-depth, which caused me lots of emotional stress—this affected my productivity level immensely. To get out of financial stress requires that you focus on each of your expenses, and monitor them to ensure that you’re getting a good value for your money.

If you find out that you’re not emotional or physically fit because of your financial life, then you have to pay attention to your finances and invest in knowledge about personal finance to help you achieve your financial goals. While you’re trying to get out of your financial woes, you should focus on building the right mindset to prevent a reoccurrence of your financial woes.


You need to pay attention to three main factors if you want to increase your productivity, those factors are; financial, emotional, and physical fitness. If you pay adequate attention to each of those three factors of productivity, you will succeed in whatever endeavor you desire. If you find yourself lacking behind in one of those methods, then you should seek help from a professional coach. Productivity requires an inner motivation; as such, you should carefully get rid of whatever is preventing you from being motivated internally.

By BenTejes for Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement

Ben Tejes is the Co-Founder and CEO of Ascend Finance, a platform to help people achieve self-improvement in the area of personal finance.  He helped create Ascend’s chapter 7 means test calculator and loves a good mortgage payoff calculator. He writes on topics such as chapter 13 bankruptcy Missouri, chapter 13 bankruptcy California, and filing bankruptcy in Ohio to help people get out of debt and experience financial freedom.


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