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Thank you for your interest in listing your tourism-related business on – a top Jamaican travel planning resource for international travelers – as well as Volunteers and Work/Exchange candidates.

Many Jamaican Small Tourism Businesses have difficulty being found by resort hostel guests and cruise ship passengers, despite having great products and excellent services.

We give Jamaican advertisers and Small Tourism Businesses access to a growing worldwide audience of budget travelers, rural/eco tourists and backpackers planning trips to the island, as well as those already vacationing in Jamaica!

The Rasta Routes Cultural Travel Directory is a simple, effective, and a cost-efficient way to address the business objective of consistently placing your Jamaican company in front of a high-quality audience of future visitors to your area that seek solutions in categories relevant to your business.

Small Tourism Business owners can list their company in the Rasta Routes Cultural Travel Directory and can also receive help for their business through consulting, social marketing assistance and much more.  

Our Internet audience is comprised of a wide range of international travelers but our biggest demographic is budget travelers in their 20s and 30s who come to us for our online business listings and advice on how to have a successful trip to Jamaica.

The purpose and intent of Rasta Routes is positive exposure of Jamaican Small Tourism Business to USA, UK, Canadian, Australian and EU passport holders that do not need a visa to enter Jamaica, through our entire suite of Authentic Cultural Travel Services.

Secondary attention is paid to Ex-Pat Jamaicans and their foreign-born offspring, along with providing hospitality training and affordable marketing solutions to help Jamaican Small Tourism Business succeed.

Listing on the Rasta Routes Cultural Travel Directory helps local Jamaican business be found, contacted and ultimately visited by potential tourists and international travelers.

Reach active tourism buyers interested in the particular kind of products or services your Small Tourism Business sells and immediately increase your online visibility, despite individual IT and Internet resource limitations!

The qualified traffic we bring our business listings is highly targeted – consisting of prospective and current tourists with an active interest in buying and experiencing Jamaican tourism-related products and services.

The Rasta Routes Cultural Travel Directory lets international consumers find local providers close to the same area of Jamaica they are interested in visiting and learn about a specific Jamaican Small Tourism Business’s features, quality and pricing, plus read reviews and ratings from previous tourism customers.

We offer free and premium listing options for single and multiple-location Small Tourism Businesses to satisfy the needs of diverse customers, as well as provide industry resources, training material and promotional opportunities.

All accounts can use the service to create, maintain and update their business listings, manage location and map information, re-verify listings, upload photos and find and resolve duplicate listings.

Each package offers different features, and our number one goal is helping Jamaican Small Tourism Businesses get better exposure online.

Companies that list on the Rasta Routes Cultural Travel Directory for free can include their address, maps, driving directions, hours of operation, areas of specialties and photos, but must pay-per-submission to post Event Calendar listings

Premium Listings can also publish their email address, phone numbers, website link, and have access to our social network to promote themselves through the use of increased advertisement, free Event Calendar listings and more!

Promote your relevant travel product or service with a sponsored article or let us run your branded competition or giveaway through our social media and online readers.

Choose Banners and Tex Ads to promote your product or service site-wide on or targeted specific page content in your geographical area and business category. (Important: We only accept relevant, travel-related ads)

Today’s Jamaican Small Tourism Business owners is well aware of the importance of high rankings online and will appreciate our Premium sponsorship packages which include top placements and exclusive featured ads with limited availability per geographical area.

The value offers is high level promotion of your website and social networking pages on a fully optimized and professional mobile friendly website.

We specialize in helping Jamaican Small Tourism Businesses increase your international online exposure resulting in more tourist foot traffic to your local storefront doors.

List your business on Rasta and align your Jamaican Small Business Tourism Business with expertly written, high-quality content and quality tourism-related business listings reviewed by editors to ensure accuracy and relevance.

A listing on our mobile-friendly directory will send targeted traffic and prospective customers to your business, so get listed today to help grow and promote your tourism business online with our services! provides Jamaican Small Tourism Businesses with solutions that increase your revenue through positive online exposure and high quality distribution to value-conscious travelers in Jamaica and all around the world!

It is easy to add your Jamaican travel-related website, business contact information and location to the Rasta Routes Cultural Travel Directory listings.

Your first step is to select the category your website belongs in – Adventures & Activities, Hostels & Guesthouses, Taxis, Trips & Tours, Cultural Topic Experts & Event Chaperones, Worthy Causes, Souvenirs, Gifts & Shopping, , or Workshops, Lessons & Classes.

Once you have found the best category for your business or community project, click ‘Submit’ in the top menu bar of the page to submit your organization’s details for review by our editors prior to approval and publishing.

Please add your business listing to the most appropriate and specific category possible.

Selecting the correct category helps our reviewers ensure Rasta Routes Cultural Travel Directory quality and consistent tourism-related Business Listings that benefit both travelers and Jamaican Small Tourism Businesses!

Volunteer & Work/Exchange Listing Memberships

If your Jamaican farm, business or community project is a unique operation or worthy cause that follows organic or sustainability principles, you might consider an additional, separate listing in our Volunteers and Work Exchange category to become a Rasta Routes Work/Exchange host for Volunteer Guests.

Rasta Route Volunteer Guests can provide an extra pair of hands to help your family or business with various projects, or be trained to perform ongoing organizational tasks.

Hosts (you) provide a welcoming, social and learning environment – plus daily food and accommodation – to Volunteer Guests – and give them a safe yet authentic taste of Jamaican society, work ethic, family life and local community interactions.

Are you ready to work with us, or want to find out more?

If you are interested in buying advertising space on our site please contact us.

We are always interested in working with Jamaican companies to promote travel related products and services, sponsored blog posts, giveaways and other promotional activities!

By Winston Irie


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