Jamaica Announces “Mark of the Beast” Digital Vaccine / Social Credit Passports – Just in Time for Christmas!

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Step Right Up Fi’ Yuh’ Microchip! “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

By Alecia Smith for Jamaica Information Service
© 2021 Jamaica Information Service – All Rights Reserved

Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Cards Available December 20

Winston’s Comment – Soon the Story will be => “It’s too Inconvenient to take your Smartphone Everywhere or Wear It in Your Clothes. Make Life Easy & Let Us Embed Your Phone / Digital Wallet / Vaccine Passport Nanochip Combo in Your Forehead or Right Hand! Don’t Worry, We’ll Use an Invisible Ink Tattoo So No One (Except Lucifer) will even know it’s There!!”

Starting Monday (December 20), digital coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination cards will be available for download by inoculated Jamaicans.

Existing physical cards are to be phased out over the next two months and be replaced by digital cards which will be available online via the Ministry of Health and Wellness’ website: vaxcert.moh.gov.jm.

This was announced by Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr. the Hon. Christopher Tufton who said these electronic cards will provide Jamaicans with a more secure, internationally accepted and convenient means of verifying their vaccination status.

The cards will feature a special Quick Response (QR) Code feature to enable the information in the card to be validated, thereby reducing/eliminating fraud.

“This will now align us to global standards and so they will be accepted by the airlines, accepted by the countries around the world, and you can ultimately download this information in your phone and just show the coding on the phone and the information can be picked up which will allow you access to the locations,” Dr. Tufton said while addressing a virtual Covid Conversations press briefing on Wednesday (December 15).

The Health Minister noted that having a digital vaccination card will also enable persons easier access to events that require proof of vaccination for entry.

He further pointed out that persons who are not technologically savvy, can visit their health centre and get support in accessing and downloading the QR Code.

“So it’s not going to be all up to the techno savvy to go online. That is an option, that’s the primary option, but you can also get support at the health centre,” he said.

Highlighting other benefits of the digital card, Dr. Tufton noted that it will enable the generation of a new card on demand; electronic features allow the card to be accessed on a phone or other electronic device; and ease of use for international travel because the QR Code is readable on all international platforms.

In addition, the QR Code can be used by organisations that quickly need to validate a person’s vaccination status without violating a person’s right to privacy.

Dr. Tufton noted as well, that the card can also be printed on a normal letter-sized paper and to ensure equitable access to these cards, all fixed vaccination sites will have a team of persons to support the public in the printing of cards upon request.

To access the digital vaccination card, persons first need to visit the web portal for the digital vaccination card at: vaxcert.moh.gov.jm, then enter their mobile number to receive a one-time password (OTP).

The OTP will be sent to the mobile number and should be entered in the space provided. Thereafter, a check should be made if the information on the certificate is correct. If the information is correct, then click to download the certificate to your mobile device or print a physical copy.

If the information needs to be updated, click on the link and upload a picture of your vaccination card front and inside pages and a government-issued ID or letter from a Justice of the Peace. In 72 hours, visit vaxcert.moh.gov.jm and follow the instructions outlined.

Noting the likely human errors that may occur when uploading information to the system such as a misspelt name or incorrect date of birth, Dr. Tufton assured that there is no need for users of the portal to panic should they come across such errors. Internal stakeholders will be sensitised to assist where possible.

Persons who do not find their vaccination record on the portal will also be able to upload their information.

Dr. Tufton thanked both the in-house Ministry of Health and Wellness team, as well as the Private Sector Initiative team “who have worked together with diligence and focus” to get the cards ready for download.

He also acknowledged the support of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in this effort.

By Alecia Smith for Jamaica Information Service
© 2021 Jamaica Information Service – All Rights Reserved

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