LEGO Launches Botanical Collection Complete with Plant-Based Building Blocks

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Many people have fond memories of playing with building blocks as children, but now that most people are confined to their houses, games, and toys like LEGO and coloring books are making a comeback. LEGO presents kids and adults alike with an opportunity to turn to their imagination and creative energies as a source of entertainment and relaxation with their new plant-based, plant-inspired collection.

LEGO has recently conducted research that indicates that 81 percent of adults worldwide find that play relieves them of their stress, while 73 percent of adults look for creative ways to destress weekly. In response to this data, LEGO released The Botanical Collection last month, which features sets that allow for participants to build pieces inspired by nature.

The Botanical Collection includes a Flower Bouquet and a Bonsai Tree, both of which retail for $49.99. The Flower Bouquet is a set of 756 pieces that comes with adjustable flower stems, grass, and a variety of artificial flowers such as daisies, poppies, and roses. The bouquets are completely customizable so that the builder can personalize their creations and display them however they want. The Bonsai Set has 878 pieces and is similarly customizable, offering builders the choice between pink cherry blossoms or green leaves.

Both sets in the Botanical Collection are made up of plant-based pieces produced from sustainably sourced sugarcane. Jamie Berard, design lead at LEGO Group says that they hope that these mindfully made sets will help people take a break from their everyday stresses and express their personalities through creativity without compromising the environment with single-use plastic.


By Ivar Laanen for The Optimist Daily: Making Solutions the News

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