Questioning the Lockdown & the Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates in a Divided America

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The fully vaccinated are being told they will likely need a booster shot a few months down the road. Because if 2 shots didn’t work, the 3rd one will?

By Tom Wrobleski for & Posted by Global Research
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Questioning the Lockdown and the Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates in a Divided America

In our second summer of COVID-19, it’s fair to ask when it all ends.

Or if it all ends.

Because nothing has worked out during the pandemic the way we were told it would.

You can’t blame the experts, we’re told. COVID-19 was a new virus. There was a lot to learn. Nobody saw it coming.

So we’ll give Dr. Anthony Fauci and the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the benefit of the doubt.

It’s a big benefit of the doubt given the stakes and the track record, but so be it.

As coronavirus hit New York hard in March of 2020, we were told to lock ourselves down. So we stayed in our houses and apartments for months on end. We had our groceries, takeout food and booze delivered to our homes.

Offices went dark. Schools were shuttered. Workers lost their jobs. Businesses failed. Children lost valuable months of education.

We were told to wear masks, both indoors and outdoors. So we did that too, donning facial coverings in church, at the supermarket, on mass transit and when entering bars and restaurants.

Even though, yes, there was debate over how much protection masks truly provided, and whether they were really needed outdoors.

We were told that we could not gather in large groups. So families were separated.

We couldn’t hold weddings or funerals or graduations or religious ceremonies.

We were told to get vaccinated.

We were told by our leaders that this was the final battle in the war against COVID-19, that the end was in sight. That it was going to be a summer of freedom from the virus.

Of course, many people had to wait for weeks on end because vaccine supply initially couldn’t keep up with demand. Or because cities and states didn’t have enough vaccine infrastructure in place.

We’ve done all that.

And now we’re told it hasn’t done the trick. And might never do the trick, thanks to the Delta variant and other virus mutations.

We’re being told to mask up again.

We’re being told that kids in school may need to be masked even though schools have proven to be a low-risk environments for spreading the virus.

And now we have to be vaccinated in order to go to a ballgame or a restaurant or a concert.

Those who question the mandate in any way are told that they are putting lives at risk.

There can be no informed debate when merely raising an intellectual argument, having a thought, is considered deadly on its face.

So everyone should just get jabbed, even if you’re concerned about having your children vaccinated.

Even if you’re immunocompromised or have a chronic medical condition and are worried about how the vaccine could impact you.

Even though some workers are being given an option to be tested instead of having to get the shot.

Even when so many health-care professionals refuse to be vaccinated.

Even if you scratch your head at the fact that some fully vaccinated people have fallen ill, sometimes seriously, and have even died.

It’s all for the common good, we’re told.

Questioning the mandate automatically makes you an anti-vaxxer and practically a murderer.

If you’re comfortable in that world, bravo.

I hope there’s no mandate coming down the pike that you might find onerous. Because if you’re in for a penny, you’re in for a pound.

And, true to the slippery slope of all this, it doesn’t end there.

Now those who are fully vaccinated are being told they will likely need a booster shot a few months down the road.

Because if two shots didn’t work, the third one will?

And so on and so forth.

By Tom Wrobleski for & Posted by Global Research
© 2021 – All Rights Reserved

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