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Research has determined that Blue Light exposure from energy-efficiency light bulbs and screens is harmful (see 1, 2).  Research has determined that electromagnetic radiation exposure from smartphones can harm eyes (see 1, 2) and children’s vision is especially at risk. Smartphone use has even been linked to temporary and permanent blindness.

Electronics and screens have been blamed on an increase in nearsightedness among teens.  A new study has confirmed that a significant percentage of people are experiencing eyesight changes due to increased screen use during lockdowns.

From BBC:

Covid: Eyesight risk warning from lockdown screen

An eye health charity is recommending people learn the “20-20-20” rule to protect their sight, as lockdown has increased people’s time using screens.

Fight for Sight advises looking at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds, every 20 minutes you look at a screen.

Out of 2,000 people, half used screens more since Covid struck and a third (38%) of those believed their eyesight had worsened, a survey suggested.

Opticians remain open for those who need them, the charity said.

The representative survey of 2,000 adults suggested one in five were less likely to get an eye test now than before the pandemic, for fear of catching or spreading the virus.

Respondents reported difficulty reading, as well as headaches and migraines and poorer night vision.

The research charity, which commissioned a survey from polling company YouGov, said it wanted to emphasise the importance of having regular eye tests and to remind people “the majority of opticians are open for appointments throughout lockdown restrictions”.

Fight for Sight chief executive Sherine Krause said: “More than half of all cases of sight loss are avoidable through early detection and prevention methods. Regular eye tests can often detect symptomless sight-threatening conditions.”

But even simple screen breaks can help to prevent eye strain, the charity suggested.

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For many years, Silicon Valley parents have been sending their kids to private low-tech schools and taking great measures to limit their kids’ exposure to screens (see 1, 2).  How fortunate for them.

By B.N. Frank for Activist Post


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