Oh, Jerusalem!

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Jerusalem is on the minds, in the hearts and on the lips of the masses. Axis of Resistance members have now unified and streamlined their slogan to: “we are all the liberators of Jerusalem.” The name ‘Jerusalem’ is mentioned a million times a minute around here in the Middle East. And this is causing a mass, emotive stirring.

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Oh, Jerusalem!

“Hands off Jerusalem and its people.” This is the first, foremost and non-negotiable condition that the Palestinian Resistance is demanding, in exchange for halting rocketry at Israel.

But it’s falling on the deaf ears of the terrorist Jewish government, as its military continues pounding hard at civilian targets in Gaza. R.I.P. to the Gaza family that was murdered by a genocidal, Jewish missile as its members sat down together for lunch yesterday. R.I.P. to all other Gaza people who were indiscriminately slaughtered by the remorseless and demonic Jewish air force these past ten days.

Indeed, the situation had taken on a darker tone on the 6th day. In the West Bank, in Jerusalem and in the 48-Triangle, unarmed Palestinian citizens there have been attacked, continue to be attacked, continue to be arrested and killed on Palestinian streets by the brutal Jewish gestapo, in coordination with shadowed Jewish snipers and violent, Jewish settler gangs: all roaming Palestinian streets especially by night, all armed and with eyes blood-red with hate – all seeking to pogrom the Palestinians. Nothing but eyeball-to-eyeball shove-and-wrestle-and-throttle-and-kill right across unarmed Palestinian communities under Israeli occupation. All this, while a besieged Gaza endures numerous 9/11s and Jewish war crimes at every hour of every day.

All this and more the Palestinians have endured in just this past 24 hours. And by the look of it, they intend to endure more. They understand the price of freedom. And they are willing to pay. ALL of them are ready to pay. Impossible for them now to live under Jewish Apartheid. Not for another second! They are taking the beatings, the injuries, the homelessness and all the deaths right to the end of the road: to liberation. Reversal, or even pause of this is now out of the question.

It is Jerusalem, or death.

The only choices remaining.

And they have chosen Jerusalem.

Empowered by their sudden collective unity in rage and in resistance, empowered too by the much-improved performance of the armed branch of their community, the Palestinians today bury their dead with tears falling from eyes looking skywards, not tomb-wards.

“Hands off Jerusalem and its people” and not ‘we surrender’ is the cry emerging out of thick, black smoke and raging fires in Palestinian communities.

And even though the occupied Palestinian people are being tossed and turned down the tunnel of suffering, even though their casualties are higher than their occupiers, they have managed to cause the biggest damage ever to Jewish property and nerve endings. More Jewish civilians and military have died in the past 10 days than in all the previous Gaza wars combined. No, things are not well at all in the Jewish hovel. Fires and sirens and shelters and burials and Xanax dispensaries currently flood the days and nights of the cowardly, mass-murdering Jews. No more normality for the abnormal state of Israel. Not even a whiff of a returning normality lies on the horizon.

The Jews too want Jerusalem. Exclusively. But they are not chanting ‘Jerusalem or death’ like the Palestinians are. They are chanting “Death to all Arabs.”

Jerusalem. It’s all become about Jerusalem. The Gaza Resistance has ingeniously managed to focus all attention on the prize: Jerusalem. For them, this current combat is not about Gaza, as per the previous norm, but about Jerusalem. Western and Jewish medias can frame it as ‘Gaza rockets on poor Israel’ all they like. As far as the oppressed native Palestinians are concerned, it’s now all about Jerusalem. They don’t give a damn about Western POV and Jewish-centric headlines. They don’t give a damn about the deceptive Israeli narrative. For Palestinians, it’s now all about Jerusalem.

It’s the Jerusalem, stupid!

The Gaza Resistance named this current battle ‘Sword of Jerusalem’ as soon as they launched their first rocket a dozen days ago. Hezbollah, who lost a volunteer fighter at a Lebanon border protest 4 days ago has bestowed the lauded and applauded title of “First Quds Martyr” (First Jerusalem Martyr) upon this fighter. In the eyes of Hezbollah, the departed martyr did not just cross the border by a few feet, but he had actually taken Hezbollah’s first step towards physically entering the holy land to liberate Jerusalem. In the mind of the Hezbollah, they have already entered the fray and what remains is the timing of a strategic assault on the racist, ethno-fascist occupiers of Jerusalem.

In times of war, symbolism is king. It rules language. Rules the temperature of the heart and the speed of its beating. The name Jerusalem is presently the ultimate symbol and war cry for liberation. Everyone in the Axis of Resistance leaderships is magnetizing closer and closer towards Jerusalem. They are today publicly referring to it as the “capital of our Resistance.” They are calling it “our Jerusalem” even though they are not themselves Palestinian. They are calling the Palestinians “our people” – in solidarity with resisting Palestinians. The eclectic Axis of Resistance have amalgamated into a single identity and mind, and their supporters the world over have amalgamated into a single body. The Axis of Resistance leaderships are publicly announcing not just their present readiness to enter the battle for Jerusalem, but their committed intent to do so in full force come the hour, and the hour is approaching. The name ‘Jerusalem’ is mentioned a million times a minute around here in the Middle East. And this is causing a mass, emotive stirring: an expansion of passionate support for the Resistance right across the region and the world. The Resistance is on popularity-fire right now. Jerusalem is on the minds, in the hearts and on the lips of the masses. Axis of Resistance members have now unified and streamlined their slogan to: “we are all the liberators of Jerusalem.” The masses are embracing this mantra with gusto. All and everywhere across the region, it’s Jerusalem-Jerusalem-Jerusalem!

We observe here too that the resisting Palestinians are demanding not just their freedom from Apartheid, as they have done for decades, but now they are insisting on the return of ALL their lands: “from the river to the sea.”

This slogan was shunned by Palestinians for decades, in obligation to Oslo. But the Palestinians are no longer feeling ‘obliged’. They are feeling nothing but righteous resistance to Jewish injustice, to Jewish kleptomania and terrorism.

There is no stopping the approaching storm of war. There is no stopping the coming blood: the carnage and agony will rush forth unfettered. There is no stopping the mounting push for liberation at any and all cost.

Everyone now waits for a grimmer escalation, followed by a timed call for all-out war between Israel and ALL the members of the Axis of Resistance.

The old boundaries and tepid methods of resisting against Israel are dead. Upgraded weapons and a new fiery will have created a new reality and this new reality has taken firm hold. A new chapter is being written in the blood of the determined. The old dynamic where a thuggish Israel is invincible, untouchable and in absolute control is now dead.

A new dynamic has now been born. It has revealed its name and its name is Jerusalem.

Jerusalem. Spiritual Jerusalem. Home and worshiped symbol of the oppressed seeking total and absolute liberation.

By Taxi for Plato’s Guns & Posted by The Unz Review
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