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As Cultural Immersion Travellers Ourselves, We Know What It is Like to Be Unfamiliar with the Basics of a New Destination – Like How to Get About, Speak the Language & Avoid Overpriced "Tourist Food".

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Visit Jamaica’s South-East for Tourist Destinations like The Blue Mountains, Morant Bay & Spanish Town

Source Farm & Learning EcoVillage

The Source is a movement of the people by the people and depends on the goodwill of those that believe in the mission of getting back to the Source of…
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Lime Tree Farm

Lime Tree Farm is an environmentally friendly coffee farm set in the heart of Jamaica’s Blue Mountains, the highest range in the Caribbean rising up to 7402 ft.
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Jamnesia Surf Club

Jamnesia is the perfect base camp from which to launch your Jamaican surf adventure by providing economical tent and room options at affordable rates.
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Our Social Travel Platform Helps Paradise Seekers – Like You – to Choose Your Own Adventure Based On Personal Preferences & Get Service in the Way That Best Fits Your Needs, to Enhance Your Experience in Jamaica

Wanda Luv Flag Suit

Despite the Common Perception associating Jamaica with Diving, Coral Reefs & Sparkling Clear Waters, Nearly Half our Island is Over 1,000 Feet Above Sea Level.

This literally sets the stage for Excellent Hiking, Bird Watching and Nature Trail Experiences, along with Stunning Landscapes that includes the Blue Mountain Range where the World’s Best Coffee is grown, with Over 100 Rivers, Several Waterfalls, Wetlands & Some of the Caribbean’s Most Beautiful Sunsets.

To Meet Local People & Experience the Everyday Culture, Rasta Routes Invites You to Step Beyond the White-Washed, “Irie Mon”, Mainstream Resort Facade & See Places where Local People Don’t Depend as much on Tourism.

Jamaica Virtual Travel


Visit Jamaica’s Capital City for Tourist Destinations like Kingston Uptown, Downtown & Rural

Tuff Gong Studio

The studio is said to have a vibe conducive to creativity & this may be because the mixing board in the studio is the same used by Bob on all of his records.
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Jacana Organic Cannabis & CBD Oil

Three new strains of straight high grade at a sweet price! Always available, always affordable & in true Jacana style, always organically grown with plenty love
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Harry J Studio

Legendary Harry J Studio, famous for records from Bob Marley & The Wailers’, before Tuff Gong, with successes like “Catch A Fire” & “Rastaman Vibration”.
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Football Factory

We have 3 small-sided fields available for rent 7 days a week. Our fields are floodlit so that you can play in the day or night as you hang out with friends.
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Usain Bolt Tracks & Records

True Jamaican culture come alive in this stadium-like atmosphere where sports, music, culture, food and the “niceness” of Jamaica fuse in one very cool spot!
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Hotel Four Seasons

This splendid hotel of 114 rooms with snug ambiance, friendly staff & ideal location is definitely the best destination for leisure & business trips in Jamaica
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Alhambra Inn

Be comfortable in our air-conditioned rooms that feature private bathrooms, additional amenities and high-speed internet access.
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Lime Cay

This uninhabited island off the coast of Kingston (Port Royal) is quiet during the week, ideal for nude sunbathing (There is almost no foot traffic on weekdays)
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Local Travel Experts Showcase What Jamaica Has to Offer & Help You Find Something to Satisfy Your Tastes. All You Do is Pack & Let the Pros Handle the Arrangements!

Browse Interesting Vacation Options to Map Out Your Dream Holiday & Plan You Own Trip with Help, Tips & Advice from Friendly Jamaican Cultural Ambassadors.

Rasta Routes Makes it Easy for Prospective VisitorsLike You – to Search & Find Jamaica Travel Information Before Making Detailed Plans, by Using Our Irie Technology to Research Vacation Options, Make Local Contacts & Implement Holiday Decisions.

Explore Jamaica’s Art & Architecture, Historical & Cultural Heritage, Culinary Traditions, Literature, Language, Music, Craft & Creative IndustriesPlus Our Globally Unique Indigenous Culture.

Discover, Learn & Experience the Tangible and Intangibles of Our Living Jamaican Culture Through Cultural Immersion into Our Lifestyles, Value Systems, Beliefs & Traditions!


Our Mission is to Help You Easily Find Credible Opportunities to Experience & Absorb Authentic Jamaican Culture in ways that Directly Benefit Locals – Even if You Are a Crazy Baldhead!

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