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Unlike other Carnival seasons, Jamaica holds Carnival after Lent instead before Lent to ensure that the primary focus is Lent - the reason for the season...

While Mardi Gras is not observed in Jamaica, Ash Wednesday is a national public holiday, where even the Jamaican Stock Exchange is closed.

This is an annual event that is staged by the National Heritage Trust with assistance from the JCDC, at the historic Seville Heritage Park in …

Over the years, the LTM National Pantomime has become a prime source of material for cultural research on this unique take on Jamaican-Caribbean folk roots.

Christmas is a special time of the year in Jamaica & like many countries, carols can be heard playing on the radio through out the Christmas season.

Labour Day has been an official public holiday when Jamaica pauses to recognize the value of hard work & the contribution of workers to national development.

Groundation Day commemorates the visit when over 100,000 Rastafarians turned up at the airport in Kingston, to meet or even catch a glimpse of the Emperor.

The festival marks the victory of the First Maroon War against the British in which they fought for their freedom, led by their late hero Cudjoe.

Liberty Hall is a living monument to Marcus Garvey providing facilities for education, entertainment & enrichment of spirit.



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