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Destination Travel Guide for Visitors to Jamaica FALMOUTH

East of St. James is Falmouth, is one of the best preserved Historical Towns in the Caribbean and location of the largest Cruise Ship port in the region.

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Falmouth is the capital of the Jamaican parish of Trelawny, population about 80,000, famous for its Rum and Sugarcane Estates, and for being birthplace of Olympic runner Usain Bolt.

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Located midway between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, Falmouth may be a lesser known Jamaican destination but many travelers come to See a Different Side of Jamaica, away from the tourist crowds at the more popular hotspots.

Map of Jamaica Falmouth Trelawny
Falmouth, Jamaica

Founded in the late 18th century, Falmouth offers opportunities to relax while learning about Jamaica’s Rich Heritage and Slave History – Food Tours, Walking and Guided Tours, and to see fine examples of some of Jamaica’s best preserved Georgian architectural legacy.

Browse Falmouth Travel Experiences

Discover an oceanfront paradise, boasting white sandy shorelines, including Wi-Fi and an on-site massage area on the beach. We have activities for Kids too.

Feed your feathered friends at the Bird Aviary, and relax at the Adventure Falls with a 50ft cascading waterfall, 6 wading pools, and a 300ft waterslide!

Greetings & One Love, Crazy BaldheadGreetings & Welcome Back, Most HonorableSituated on 25.9 hectares of the island’s beautiful North Coast, the Green Grotto Caves are …

Our natural attraction is nestled on the banks of the Martha Brae River. The Waterwheel features our unique, pristine all-natural, river-fed swimming pool.

Gear up for a ride on the wild side on our amazing ATV Quad Safari as you experience the trails & propel through the water with your Sea Doo scooter.

Rafting on the Martha Brae, the island’s #1 rafting attraction is located approximately 10 minutes from the town of Falmouth. Your adventure begins at “Rafter’s …

With the gushing waters of the Tangle River, which flows into the Martha Brae, creating the spine of the five-acre property, this cultural enclave captures …

Easy access & sideshore winds make this a perfect beach for learning how to Kiteboard with miles of white sand beach & 15 - 25 mph wind - Perfect for beginners.

Destination Profile & Tourism Highlights

One of the first ever piped water-supply systems in the Western Hemisphere was installed in Falmouth, the first town in Jamaica to enjoy the convenience of a piped water. You can still see the Falmouth Water Wheel today, a relic of one of the first modern water-supply systems.

Jamaica has thousands of caves but the Green Grotto Caves near Falmouth are some of the most popular caves in Jamaica.

The Green Grotto Caves are an impressive system of caves and tunnels, with statuesque dripstone formations, Pre-Columbian native inscriptions on the walls and the Green Grotto itself, a glistening subterranean lake 36 meters underground!

Entry costs about $20USD for a one hour guided tour through the cave system, all the way 36 meters down to the crystal clear Green Grotto Lake!

Other places of interest near Falmouth are the Martha Brae River, Windsor and Carnabi Caves, St Peter’s Anglican Church and the Falmouth Court House.



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Twickenham Park, St. Catherine





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Cities, Towns & Districts
in Falmouth (Trelawny)

Town or District City / Parish   –   Population (Approx.)   –   GPS Coordinates

Rio Bueno, Falmouth  –  1,108 –  18.57°N 77.45°W
Ulster Spring, Falmouth –  1,391 –  18.32°N 77.52°W
Duncans, Falmouth –  1,849 –  18.47°N 77.53°W
Wakefield, Falmouth –  2,724 –  18.42°N 77.72°W
Clark’s Town, Falmouth –  3,139 –  18.42°N 77.57°W
Albert Town, Falmouth –  3,389 –  18.2958°N 77.5414°W
Falmouth, Falmouth –  7,245 –  18.49°N 77.66°W

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