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My Name is Winston Irie and I&I (We) Are Here to Help You Crazy Baldheads with Everything You Need to Know about Authentic Cultural Travel!
Jamaican Virtual Travel Guide
Hon. Winston Nesta Irie
Minister of Local Hospitality
(Not Affiliated With Any Monarch, Empire, Government, Regime, Tribunal, Junta, Faction Or Other Hierarchical System of Re-Presentation...)

Visiting Jamaica Is Easy, Exhilarating & Extremely Rewarding, but Learning About a New Culture is More Than Just Seeing the Famous Sights!

Did You Know That Jamaica is The Most Famous Country In The WorldProportionally by Size & Excluding the Vatican…

Vsit Jamaica, the Most Famous Country In the World By Size!
Quite Often, the Smell, Taste, Touch & Sound of a Destination Are Just as Important for That Truly Authentic Experience!
Jamaica Virtual Travel


Visit Jamaica’s Capital City for Tourist Destinations like Kingston Uptown, Downtown & Rural

Tuff Gong Studio

The studio is said to have a vibe conducive to creativity & this may be because the mixing board in the studio is the same used by Bob on all of his records.
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Jacana Organic Cannabis & CBD Oil

Three new strains of straight high grade at a sweet price! Always available, always affordable & in true Jacana style, always organically grown with plenty love
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Harry J Studio

Legendary Harry J Studio, famous for records from Bob Marley & The Wailers’, before Tuff Gong, with successes like “Catch A Fire” & “Rastaman Vibration”.
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Football Factory

We have 3 small-sided fields available for rent 7 days a week. Our fields are floodlit so that you can play in the day or night as you hang out with friends.
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Usain Bolt Tracks & Records

True Jamaican culture come alive in this stadium-like atmosphere where sports, music, culture, food and the “niceness” of Jamaica fuse in one very cool spot!
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Hotel Four Seasons

This splendid hotel of 114 rooms with snug ambiance, friendly staff & ideal location is definitely the best destination for leisure & business trips in Jamaica
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Alhambra Inn

Be comfortable in our air-conditioned rooms that feature private bathrooms, additional amenities and high-speed internet access.
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Lime Cay

This uninhabited island off the coast of Kingston (Port Royal) is quiet during the week, ideal for nude sunbathing (There is almost no foot traffic on weekdays)
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True Cultural Immersion is More Than Just Booking Yourself a Resort!

Cultural Travel is More About Adventure, Independence & Flexibility Than Just a Place to Stay.

It’s About Learning About New Cultures, Meeting New People & Discovering Yourself.


Our holistic wellness-focused ecosystem was created to allow our visitors to learn about Ganja history, see how it’s grown & enjoy it in a social setting.

Located just outside Montego Bay, Rastafari Indigenous Village is a living cultural center that offers you an opportunity to experience the Rastafari way of life. …

The Peter Tosh Memorial Garden is in the town of Belmont, in the Parish of Westmoreland, along Jamaica's south coast at the site of the home where Peter grew up.

We have 3 small-sided fields available for rent 7 days a week. Our fields are floodlit so that you can play in the day or night as you hang out with friends.

Verney House is a self-contained oasis in the middle of the hustle & bustle of the hip strip, only mins away from Margaretville, Pier One & Doctor's Cave Beach.

An hour away from Montego Bay & 25 minutes before you get to Negril, is a luxury villa that sits on the waterfront in the quiet community of Cousins Cove.

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