Quit Hating: Reptilians Got it Like That

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Your spy may be on to us now, but we are on to him too.

His secret message announcing “discovery” of our longtime Reptilian Colony, the one WE named Planet Earth, was intercepted by the “cohort of Humans that do our bidding” – including – monitoring ALL communications on the Internet.

The “Google” as we Shape-Shifters like to call it. Your “researcher” should have known better than to expect privacy online.

We strongly advise that you so-called Ascendants stay away from Earth and this sector.

This is our Planet now.

For Centuries we have ruled and we will continue to rule. Your meddling will not be tolerated.

As efficient as your spy has been, he has only scratched the surface of learning the true power Reptilians have on this planet.

Like all dumb Humans, your spy has been lead to believe that our weaponry is less advanced than in reality.

The majority of Humans still think all Nuclear Weapon explosions automatically set off giant mushroom clouds. We help foster this idea with our Hollywood action movies and fear-mongering newscasts.

We have been firing Nukes in artillery shells for decades and once even developed a nuclear hand grenade.

Unfortunately, the puny Human soldiers, or cannon-fodder as we like to call them, were not physically strong enough to toss the Grenade sufficient distance to escape the blast themselves.

We expended quite a few Earthlings during testing, eventually scrapping the program.

Not a problem. Humans reproduce like rabbits anyway.

Your hybrid spy might have figured out that “radar” has not been used to track aircraft for years and that we see everything from satellite.

However, your spy has not caught on to the fact that Reptilians control all technology on this Planet.

We control all technology, releasing “new inventions” to the public whenever it suits our needs and helps to advance our plans for a New World under totalitarian Reptilian Order.

Humans believe what we tell them.

Humans believe their technology is invented in the basements and attics of other Humans.

Reptilian technology – including our weaponry, is always at least three or four generations more advanced than anything the Humans know about.

Our Queen sent the first email ever way back in the seventies.

We have solar iPhone 9’s, F-76 fighter jets and the cure for bad breath, all sitting by patiently, just waiting to be “invented”.

We have Playstation 12’s, rocket-propelled jetpacks and protein-free meat – locked away in deep storage, waiting to be “invented”.

We have clean-energy generators, cold fusion reactors and wireless toilet bowls featuring automatic wiping and Facebook status updates, all under lock and key in gigantic Bermuda Triangle warehouses – sitting beside giga-tons of grain and medical supplies.

Go ahead and try “invading”. We have much more than you think. “Do-gooders” not minding their own business will be the only ones “shocked and awed”.

If you think arming your “invasion force” against “medium powered atomic weaponry” will be enough, you may yet have to mobilize your “real military fleets”.

This is our planet now.

Our Brotherhood, or “cabal” as your spy likes to call us, is immensely more powerful than even his Ascendant Consciousness can perceive.

The regular Humans, for the most part, are blissfully clueless – just as we intend them to be. Slaves are for working, not for thinking.

Our Brotherhood has triggered Earthquakes, steered Hurricanes and unleashed Tsunamis at will with none here the wiser.

Micro-nukes are more handy than you may think. Aboveground, underground and planted in seabeds too. Does your spy really believe that our “Bunker Busters” are regular munitions?

It was much simpler to drop Micro-Nukes in Faluja and the other uprisings Humans have long since forgotten.

Humans regularly believe our stories of “terrorists” and “homegrown militia” destroying buildings with 2,000 pounds of TNT powder that somehow fits into the trunk of a small car or in the back of a post office truck.

Humans will believe anything. The bigger and more outrageous the lie, the more readily they gobble it up.

You self-righteous Ascendants better show up doing more than “honking your horns and flashing your lights”.

Our HARP Arrays in the North and South Poles can easily handle a meager deployment of a few trillion of your ships, be they civilian or military.

Shhh, the few Humans that even know about HARP only know about the one in Alaska.

For the few of your vessels that miraculously survive our initial HARP bursts, we still have other weaponry.

Weaponry of immense power, powerful enough to self-collapse and vaporize tons of concrete and steel a hundred stories tall, into dust, powder and radioactive smithereens.

Trust us. We’ve successfully tested that weapon two or three times before.

The twisted molten wreckage of your trillion ships will mysteriously glow in Sky for months after your defeat.

Our bases on the far side of Earth’s Moon would easily detect and eliminate Ascendant vessels long before you could even enter our atmosphere.

Your spy, like the other Humans, probably believes the old moon landing footage we distributed, the footage with the flag waving patriotically in the wind of a moonscape with no atmosphere at all

This is our planet now. Always has been, always will be. Find your own gullible slave civilization to “mentor and advise”.

Your informant is wrong. There is nothing but chaos on Earth. Enough is never enough.

We do have too many Humanoids. Severe over-peep-ulation.

After all, we only need so many slaves. The rest, useless eaters, only consume resources Reptilians could be productively hoarding.

Your spy would be doing us a great service by vaporizing them from the surface of the Earth.

Our Brotherhood, and the few million necessary Humanoid slaves, would be safe from the attack, safe in our underground cities, parks and bunkers.

He would actually be doing us a favor, saving us the trouble of rounding up the excess Humans ourselves.

Not to worry.

Our FEMA detention camps are already operational. All that’s missing are the dissidents, patriots, “freedom fighters”, tea partiers and occupiers that will eventually fill them.

We will take care of them soon enough.

Despite your disdain for our blue-blooded species, Reptilians have done nothing wrong.

No Galactic treaties have ever been broken.

Our plans are always publicized before implementation. We always give them the clues.

It’s in the designs on their money, we put it in movies all the time – it’s even there for everyone to see in the layout of Washington, D.C., one of our city/state fiefdoms.

As in the Human game of pool, we Reptilians always “call our shots”.

Humans can clearly see the police gearing up for something big, fascist and unpleasant.

It’s not our fault that Humans already accept it as though it’s inevitable.

Their grandchildren will be too enslaved and dumbed-down to hate them for willingly bowing down.

Humans can see our puppets, their political mis-leaders, passing laws allowing for indefinite military detentions, enhanced interrogations and drone-based assassinations of citizens, all without due process and benefit of a trial.

Yet the majority remain silent.

They see “justice” enforced harshly on their neighbors for the most minor of violations yet our pinstriped white-shooed minions run around scott-free, looting national treasuries, bank accounts and widow’s pensions alike.

Yet the majority of Humans still give the benefit of doubt.

Humans can fell the summers getting hotter and the winters growing colder yet their minds are ours to mold.

“Nothing’s happening” we tell them. Resume your consumption – global warming doesn’t exist. Even if it does, it’s just cyclical.

Humans can see and taste the changes in their food. They can see the changes in their physiology. They can see themselves getting fatter and their children getting stupider.

Yet Humans just go shopping to forget.

They see us raid natural food outlets in Armored Personnel Vehicles for selling non-pasteurized milk and demonize “disaster preppers” for stockpiling more than seven days worth of food.

Yet the majority would rather watch baseball and Celebrities dancing the Cha Cha on TV.

Humans already know all about the FEMA detention camps. We show it to them weekly on the Discovery Channel.

We prefer to call them “residential facilities”. So what if the barbed wire faces inwards?

Reptilians have broken no rules. We call our shots before making them. Humans know what’s coming.

Silence is always consent.

We are on to your spy. The next time he signals you it had better be with a mirror.

Every cellphone, keyboard and touchpad is under our command.

As for Hemp, your mind-melding informant has most of it figured out.

Hemp can instantly put some of our more profitable industries – nylon, paper, cotton, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, etc. out of business with superior, lower cost replacements.

We hear it all from the few Humans brave enough to whine about it down here.

“Hemp fabric keeps you cooler in heat and warmer in cold than cotton, blah, blah, blah”.

“Hemp paper can be usefully recycled 100 times compared to only 7 times for deforestation producing, wood-pulp paper, blah, blah, blah”.

“Natural Hemp fiber is 100 times stronger than synthetic nylon of the same diameter, blah, blah, blah”.

Humans can’t all drill for oil in their backyards themselves but they could surely plant Hemp if allowed.

There is no such thing as a self-sufficient slave.

Another main reason why it was ostracized is that Hemp’s criminalization makes it so much easier for us to systematically “neutralize” the Humans that don’t do as they’re told.

Criminalization helps us detect the dissidents. The ones that don’t buy our pre-engineered status-quos.

Criminalization helps us “weed” out the Humans that erroneously believe that as the consciousness operating their bodies they should have ultimate control over it.

We control them. We tell them what to believe. We tell them what to do.

Criminalization helps us “weed” out the Humans that reject the logical concept than a group of (our) men, sitting in a room miles away, can write down (our) ideas on a piece of paper and make it apply to everyone in a geographical area.

Our authority is not to be challenged. They are our citizens and thus owe us their fealty.

Freedom is for sovereign, self-governing, sentiment beings. There’ll be none of that here.

Not for Humanoids at least.

Criminalization helps us “weed” out the ones not properly wired to believe (our) stories fed to them. It helps us find the ones that (our) boogey-man strategies aren’t effective on.

We can’t have open-mindedness spreading and infecting the rest the Herd any more than bravery or valor.

Land of the Free and Home of the Brave is only a mantra.

One of many we use to condition pre-programmed responses from them, just like some Human named Pavlov did with his dog and a dinner bell.

Our official policy – send the free to rot in (our) for-profit prisons and send the brave overseas to die in (our) for-profit wars.

The Humans left behind are much more docile and easier to manage. None smart or brave enough to bitch.

That’s how we get away with giving them “Certificates of Title” instead of the Title itself.

That’s why we’re “Tenants-In-Common” with everyone with a mortgage.

That’s why there is a sidewalk in front of almost every house in the “free world”. Humans now need (our) Government consent to leave home and go back.

That’s how we planned it.

That’s how Reptilians roll. We got it like that. Slicker than snot on a doorknob.

Under different circumstances we would love to fill your spy in on all the missing details of Human history.

Fill him in on what’s really happening. Fill him in on a country being free only if there’s a McDonalds on every corner.

I’m sure your spy would love to see the forbidden books, writings and manuscripts we’ve confiscated and hidden away.

We have libraries with bookshelves over a mile long buried deep beneath the Vatican, another of our Reptilian city/state fiefdoms.

That’s why the legal age for sexual consent there is only fourteen years old.

This is our planet now.

I’m sure your spy would love to learn how we tricked Humans into following “Man’s Law” instead the laws of nature.

The Laws of Nature were too simple. Too common.

The only three ways to break them was to damage another, to damage another’s property or to be intentionally misleading in business.

Under the Laws of Nature everything is permitted unless it brought harm to others.

That’s why we gave them “Man-Made Laws”. We needed more documented, “legal and legitimate” control over Human behavior than Natural Law would allow.

Humans always trust anything printed on official-looking (yet worthless) paper.

That’s how we were able to steal the gold and give them fiat dollars and paper euros instead.

Humans will believe anything.

Unfortunately, no such sharing or insight can divulged to your traitorous Ascendant spy.

As I write this response, your spy is probably hiding in some rainforest somewhere, out of sight our surveillance drones, leaning against some tree and smoking a “fattie”, squandering what could be valuable production time by relaxing to the sounds of a real river.

It sheds my skin just thinking of such a waste.

Humans stopping to smell roses is a slap in the face of everything decent to us as Reptilians.

A slap in the face to me personally as blue-blooded royalty – a “Lord of the Realm”, both by divine right and Darwinian order.

To think we could actually use his skills!

I can always find use for a Humanoid that can sell vacuums door-to-door and believably explain paychecks with negative amounts to others.

Your spy definitely has middle-slave management potential!

Someone that understands Reptilian “Minus-Money Mathematics” that well, could one day become, dare I say, become Chairman of our Federal Reserve.

Of course, he would have to learn Reptilian “Gold-Bullion Relocation Physics” first.

Nonetheless, regardless of talent, your “big-mouth” informant is now officially an Enemy of the State.

This is precisely why we gave Humans Freedom of Speech.

We can’t find dissenters and free-thinkers if they only whisper rebellion in the shadows.

We want them to stand up and be identified. That’s what our databases are for.

We are onto your spy and the many other Humanoids trying to rock our boat.

We are onto him just as we are the other “Heralds of Truth” that precede him.

After analyzing your spy’s hateful and jealous report, we detected elements of the works and philosophies of other dissident voices we are already working to suppress.

Voices trying daily, almost in vain, to awaken other Humans to our methods behind the madness.

We know who your spy has been listening to. They are all under our surveillance.

Even more surveillance that what’s already on the average Human.

We monitor them all.

These ungrateful “Sons of the Earth” would probably have never mastered Fire if we hadn’t handed it to them on the end of a stick.

Where do you think they got the wheel? Who do you think gave them gunpowder? Humans owe us everything.

They still can’t figure out either how or why the Pyramids were built. Humans are as dumb as rocks!

Were it not for us Reptilians, Humans would still be hunting and gathering just what they needed, spending most of the day teaching and raising their young, respecting and caring for their elderly, living in harmony with Nature, and worst of all, sharing both labors and the resulting rewards equally.

Just the thought of such chaos makes my scales shiver.

Humans need to be lead just like any other simple minded, herd-mentality, grazing animal.

They actually think “Freedom” originated from a piece of paper with some ink on it, instead from them simply being born and entitled to it.

We were even the ones that told them they were carnivores.

Humans will believe anything. Have you ever seen a carnivore that has to cook its meat before eating?

That’s the reason we had to give them Fire in the first place.

Keep out of our affairs.

If Humans did not want us here we would be gone already. There are more of them than there are of us.

It’s not our fault they are too busy watching cats playing with string on YouTube.

It’s not our fault they accept everything we tell them. It’s not our fault they can’t think for themselves.

It took us centuries to break and constructively domesticate them and now plans for global subjugation and complete Human serfdom are almost complete.

We are the Self-Chosen and their silence is our legal endorsement.

Just as in any other Universe, silence here is always interpreted as consent.

We are Masters of this Universe. Or at least Masters of this Planet and it’s herd of useful-fool inhabitants.

Your extra-terrestrial assistance is not needed. When Humans want your help I’m sure they will ask for it themselves.

Keep out of Reptilian affairs. Keep off of our turf.

Humans already know what’s coming and the majority don’t have a problem with it. They want to be governed. They want to be lead. Deep down inside Humans want to be told what to do.

Someone has to suffer and someone has to be the Boss.

As we say here down here on Earth. “Don’t hate, congratulate”. This is how we roll.

Reptilians got it like that.

Peace, out.

Dedicated to the work of David Icke & the Human Son I will leave behind on this strange planet.

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