The Rich Are Investing in Luxury Bunkers to “Survive The Apocalypse”

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The Oppidum is the largest billionaire bunker, located in the Czech countryside. Over 323,000 sq ft it has a helipad, golf course & automated defenses.

By Md Shahnawaz for TruthTheory
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The Rich Are Investing In Luxury Bunkers To “Survive The Apocalypse”



The Apocalypse is almost at our doorstep and the rich are taking precautions to survive it if such a global calamity strikes.

Such an investment is known as “apocalypse insurance” and is actually about taking certain actions that will help the rich survive devastating disasters.

There are several factors that are motivating the rich to invest in apocalypse insurance which include political uncertainty, geopolitical tensions and conflicts, social conflicts, and even man-made disasters that affect the entire world.

The demand for luxury homes is declining rapidly while the rich are investing in bunkers to survive the upcoming apocalypse.

The bunkers are equipped with everything from golf courses, theatres to swimming pools.

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Some Of The Bunkers That Can Survive The Apocalypse

Let us look at some of the few bunkers that the rich are investing in.

Shrublands Road, Essex, UK

This bunker is located in Mistley in Essex, UK, and was built in 1951. This bunker was formerly used as a comms hub to protect the officers during an attack. It was originally equipped with military-grade tank steel and reinforced concrete walls. This bunker was never used was then converted into a museum. It was then shut down in 2002 and now has been converted into three luxury apartments. This is the perfect place for people to survive during an apocalypse. The heavy blast doors are made from military-grade tank steel and the walls are thick and made with reinforced concrete. With one four-bed apartment and two three-beds, the developers, BuildVantage, have made sure to include some luxury finishes. With open-plan layouts, the homes are the perfect place to ride out a nuclear event. 

The Oppidum, Czech Republic

The Oppidum is regarded as the largest billionaire bunker in the world and is located in the Czech countryside. The complex is over 323,000 sq feet large and has a helipad, golf course, and automated defense installed in it. The Czech government teamed up with the Soviets in 1984 at the height of the Cold War to build the super-secure bunker that can withstand everything from a nuclear attack to a natural disaster, whilst keeping its occupants safe and in the style to which they are accustomed for up for 10 years. Real estate entrepreneur Jakub Zamrazil acquired the bunker in 2013 and has set about transforming it into one of the world’s most luxurious subterranean shelters. The underground complex features a large 6,750-square-foot master apartment, seven 1,720-square-foot suites, and plenty of premium facilities and amenities.

Angelo Robles Walks Us Through The “Apocalypse Insurance” 

Angelo Robles, who is the founder and CEO of the Family Office Association, said,  “Taking steps to deal with extreme socially destructive situations is becoming a bigger concern among many family offices. We’re seeing more family members and executives talking about the possibility and trying to work out the likelihood of different scenarios so they can decide how intensely to address the matter.”

There are several actions that the rich are taking that fall under apocalypse insurance. Rick Flynn who is the Co-CEO and founding partner of LVW/ Flynn, stated that some rich people had bought houses in the most remote parts of the world. They were also building self-sufficient bunkers. The people who did not want their own bunkers got condo-bunkers to their name. The billionaires were preparing complex evacuation plans which also took away a sizable portion of their wealth.

It is quite evident that the worldly turmoil is motivating the rich to take these actions to protect themselves and their loved ones. This action is also known as “radical self-reliance” and is expected to become more persuasive among the 1% in the world. It is also very likely that the super-rich is going to invest and commit more of their resources to ensure that they can survive the apocalypse.

By Md Shahnawaz for TruthTheory
© 2021 TruthTheory – All Rights Reserved

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