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Snowy owls reside in the Arctic for most of the year, but they migrate south in the winter in search of milder climates and more abundant food. These owls are usually sighted in upstate New York, but this year, for the first time since 1890, one has been spotted in New York City’s Central Park. 

After the owl’s stark white coat made it easily identifiable near the park’s North Meadow, bird enthusiasts rushed to the park to see the rare sight first hand. Urban Park Rangers are monitoring the bird’s movement to ensure people give the animal plenty of space. 

Scientists aren’t sure why the bird ventured all the way into the crowded metropolis, but like many other animal species, it’s believed the owl was encouraged by the quiet of the pandemic and reduced traffic. 

Although the owl is expected to soon depart as the weather turns warmer, its presence serves as a beautiful reminder of the wonders of nature during this difficult time and the beauty of the natural world amidst one of the planet’s busiest cities.

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