The Russia-US-Ukraine Debacle: The Dangers of a Full-Blown Global Conflict

Russia could have “liberated” or “conquered” all of Ukraine  a long time ago, and no one, least in the West, could have done anything about it. By Konrad Rękas for Global Research © 2021 Global Research – All Rights Reserved The Russia-US -Ukraine Debacle: The Dangers of a Full-Blown Global Conflict The United States and Russia negotiate regarding the limitation of the arms race, which is now even more obvious. Central-European media threaten the public with the “New Yalta” slogan, at the same time promising the inevitable victory of the only…

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Russia Responds to UK’s “Very Dangerous” Coup Allegations

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Every day accuse Russia of plotting ‘inevitable’ invasion of Ukraine and try to play the role of an ideological leader […] aiming to ‘free the world’. By Tyler Durden for ZeroHedge News © 2021 ZeroHedge News – All Rights Reserved Russia Responds To UK’s “Very Dangerous” Coup Allegations Russia has blasted this weekend’s allegations by the UK government that it’s planning to install a pro-Kremlin puppet leader in Ukraine. “We have information that indicates the Russian Government is looking to install a pro-Russian leader in Kyiv as it considers whether to…

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Britain to Back Suspension of Russia from SWIFT – Reports

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British authorities are reportedly considering “an opportunity to support the suspension of Russia from the SWIFT international payment system”. By RT Business News © 2021 RT Business News – All Rights Reserved Britain to Back Suspension of Russia from SWIFT – Reports Winston’s Comment – If You Live in a Glass House, Don’t Throw Stones. Unless Your Existing Glass House is Already Collapsing & You NEED to Start a Conflict with Your Neighbor, So You Can Blame Your Glass House’s Inevitable Implosion on the Instigated Conflict with said Neighbor –…

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UK Claims Moscow ‘Plans to Install Pro-Russian Gov’t in Ukraine’ Are Based on US Intel

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UK claim about Russia scheming to install a pro-Kremlin government in Kyiv is based on US-led intelligence, rather than UK-led intelligence. By Sputnik News © 2021 Sputnik News – All Rights Reserved Report: UK Claims Moscow ‘Plans to Install Pro-Russian Gov’t in Ukraine’ Are Based On US Intel The statement of the UK Foreign Office about Russia’s intention to put a pro-Russian leader in power in Kiev is based on the information received from the US intelligence services, not British ones, Sky News reported on Sunday. “@SkyNews understands that the…

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NATO’s “Space Policy” Outlines Readiness to Jointly Respond to Attacks in Space

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Article 5 of NATO’s treaty states an attack on any of 30 allies will be considered an attack on all, until now, only applying to traditional military attacks. By Isabel van Brugen via The Epoch Times & Posted by Tyler Durden © 2021 The Epoch Times – All Rights Reserved NATO’s “Space Policy” Outlines Readiness To Jointly Respond To Attacks In Space NATO made public its official “overarching Space Policy” this week, outlining how it would protect its members from space attacks, citing threats from potential adversaries. The U.S.-led alliance said…

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