The Seekers of World Domination. “The Neocons”

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Biden promises that the US society can afford BOTH war AND welfare like never before. And not to build up in decades, like China did. No, it’s Magic.

By Karsten Riise for Global Research
© 2021 Global Research – All Rights Reserved

The Seekers of World Domination. “The Neocons”

The US urge to dominate the World is still looking for a way.

Not that the US can – but that doesn’t mean the Neocons won’t attempt.

Neocons no longer identify themselves as such, but that also doesn’t mean that they have gone away – or that they have changed. Democrat Neocons, btw, never self-identified by this term, and as one observer rightly mentioned 20 years ago – Neocons span both the US parties.

An article at Al Jazeera prompted me to take stock of Neocon today.

The Al Jazeera article erroneously seems to indicate that Neocons are all Republicans. Only a few to list, and that the term Neocon is “outdated” or that they have “changed”. So let’s have a look.

Republican Party – Neocons

Rightly, Al Jazeera points out, that Republican Neocons seem to have assembled in a group which can be called “Never-Trumpers” – like Liz Cheney. The RINOs. A rather small group, actually.

And here we should add, that US Democrats and their media loooove and idealize these “Never-Trumpers” as “true” Republicans – just like they (including the Obamas) now idealize Bush II.

Republicans – with MAGA in charge – are now distinctly not-Neocon. Donald Trump Jr. strongly denounced Liz Cheney as a “Neocon warmaker” at a Conservative meeting a few months ago. Neocons to Republicans are now outcast, marginalized, or converts. Liz Cheney is outcast. Mitch McConnel is marginalized. And Lindsey Graham is a convert. Even Fox News is against “forever wars” nowadays.

Trump praises the US Military – but NO longer the lousy generals. Good. But the troops, who with their families and base-towns are big voters. The US Military has become a social pillar – one of the few employers of stable jobs left for ordinary Americans. This is what Trump senses. Pragmatically, Trump takes the Military not for fighting wars, but for keeping workers employed and …safe. Of course, Trump liked the US Military to press somebody, but not for starting wars. Not risking war for Europe, meaning not against Russia. US ordinary militaries want a job – not to die. US ordinary soldiers lack self-respect, therefore Trump praises them and their Military as an institution. They just don’t want to die, so Trump winds down US wars and talks big instead. That is better.

Trump made a peace-deal even with Taliban – to get Americans safely out of Afghanistan. Trump’s successor just botched it. And as Trump newly mentioned, the Middle East is quicksand. So Trump did NOT start a war with Iran, even after several hot incidents: Iran had shot down a US drone. Iran attacked a US base in Iraq in response to the US assassination of their Qassem Soleimani. Iran was behind a historic drone-attack on Saudi Arabia’s big refinery. Iran is still in Syria and Lebanon. And Iran sabotaged ships in UAE harbor. Talking “big”, Trump told the World that he has a “big button”, Trump then met with his counterpart in North Korea, declared “victory” – and went home. Trump cares more about realism (war with North Korea is un-winnable) than about Liberal / Neocon criticism. Excellently done, actually.

So Neocons are out of power in the Republican party. And as Trump remains relevant until 2024, (probably until 2030) and China grows fast, the Neocons have small chances of ever regaining the Republican party. The few remaining Republican Neocons will morph – probably into something unpleasant, but for now they are sidelined and cut-down.

Democrat Party – Neocons

Different is the picture with the Democrats.

Many US Democrats calling themselves “progressives” are against US foreign wars. Long ago, I noted that the critique of US imperial wars of choice was common among a lot of people both “progressive” Democrats and non-Neocon Republicans.

But war-critical Democrats have no say in the Democrat party’s foreign policy.

Democrat foreign policy is run by types like Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and Victoria Nuland who supported Nazis in Ukraine. Feminist extremism. Democrat foreign policy is also run by male war hawks like Joe Biden – and probably Barrack Obama. The New York Times silences it.

Biden’s trick is that Biden stuffed the mouths of “progressives” with false money promises: Welfare galore like Sweden – stimulus – climate – “good paying jobs” for all – union safety – health care safety.

Biden promises 30 years of Cold War on China and “welfare”. Happy Christmas. All year. Right now.

Biden made the Devil’s promise to the Left: “You can have everything” – as long as the Left shuts up and keeps hands-off foreign policy. Because there will be lots of Military and Interventionism too!

These Devil’s promises are sold by Democrat Neocons like Biden to the US Left with the Big Lie that economic reality doesn’t exist. Supported by a Voodoo effort from “progressive” economists called “New Monetary Theory” – that you can just print trillions more money, then ALL get rich!

In other words – Biden promises that the US society can afford BOTH war AND welfare like never before. And not to build up in decades, like China did. No, it’s Magic. Wand waving money-printing.

In just 3 years until 2024. Only fools believe that – but they are millions.

Food prices increased 2.9% in August 2021 (seasonal adjusted, PPI p.14, 3rd row). That is 40% a year.

To pay trillions for war and Big Government – Biden with inflation makes poor Americans poorer.

The Democrat party has a Trifecta of US power – President – Senate – House of Representatives.

Democrats are in US politics the seat of Neocons.

Striving for US World domination.

By Karsten Riise for Global Research
© 2021 Global Research – All Rights Reserved

Karsten Riise is a Master of Science (Econ) from Copenhagen Business School and has a university degree in Spanish Culture and Languages from Copenhagen University. He is the former Senior Vice President Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Mercedes-Benz in Denmark and Sweden.

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