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Holywell Recreation Park

Just a one-hour drive from the capital city of Kingston, an enchanting world of crisp, clean air, lush terrain and vibrant wildlife awaits you in the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park.

Jamaica’s only national park, the Blue and John Crow Mountains covers 41,198 hectares (101,313 acres) and includes Jamaica’s highest point – the Blue Mountain Peak at 2,256 metres (7,401 feet). With over 15 kilometres (9 miles) of hiking trails, the largest butterfly in the western hemisphere, hundreds of flowering plants and birds, as well as countless waterfalls, the park is a nature-lover’s paradise.

The legendary Windward Maroons that used the area as a stronghold in their resistance to British colonialism add to the mystique of the Blue and John Crow Mountains. Separated from mainstream Jamaican society, the maroons maintained a distinct way of life – language, cuisine and philosophies – that can be observed by visitors to their mountain communities today.

In 2015, the Blue and John Crow Mountains was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its natural and cultural heritage. With the designation, Jamaica’s national park, joins the Great Wall of China and the Pyramids of Egypt as an area of universal value; deserving of special protection.

Visitors are welcome to enjoy the park in three recreational areas: Holywell, Portland Gap and the Blue Mountain Peak Trail. The Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park (BJCMNP) is located in the eastern end of the island of Jamaica and includes Jamaica's highest point – the Blue Mountain Peak at 2,256 metres. The park covers an area of 41,198 hectares (101, 802 acres) and incorporates much of the interior of the parishes of Portland, St. Thomas, St. Andrew and a small section of south-east St. Mary.

The park accounts for 4.4% of Jamaica’s land surface. The steep mountain slopes form the upper sections of ten (10) of the island’s twenty-six (26) watershed management units. The Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park comprises three mountain ranges – the Port Royal Mountains to the west, the Blue Mountains, and John Crow Mountains in the east; divided by the Buff Bay and Rio Grande Valleys on the north side of the ranges.

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