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Jamaica Zoo

Here, at Jamaica Zoo, we have a wide variety of different animals. Some of our animals include Lions (born locally in Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth), Llama, Zebras, Monkeys, Crocodiles, Toucans just to name a few.

We also have a petting area, in which our visitors have the option to take pictures with our pets, such as "Peter" a Ball Python Snake and Lizzy, which is a baby green Iguana, not to mention our pet crocodile "Sof" and a few more.

We also have beautifully landscaped lawns, where our visitors can spread a blanket, relax and have a picnic. Visitors at Jamaica Zoo can also enjoy our tasty meals from our restaurant or snack on hot dogs, popcorns, or even have cold treats such as ice creams and/or popsicles.

For the children, apart from the tour, we have a play area which consists of swings, slides, see-saws and spring toys. We also offer donkey rides.

Jamaica Zoo can be a place for fun and relaxation or as an educational facility. One can learn about the plants and the different animals by one of our well trained tour guides who will gladly escort you around the property.

The Owner and CEO, Mr. Paul Fearon, grew up around animals by assisting his Veterinarian father, Basil Fearon. Mr. Fearon's love for animals became a hobby, where he started his collection of animals at the age of 12. Apart from raising cattle, dogs, mongoose, rats, bees, scorpions and pigeons, the first animals he imported were a pair of zebras, followed by Llama in 2001. These animals were housed at his place of residence in Santa Cruz.

His collection grew over the years and he realised that a bigger place was needed. In 2004, he relocated his animals to a 158 acre property, of which, approximately 25 acres is being used with plans of increasing to 40 acres. Mr. Fearon, being the unselfish type, decided to share his love of animals with everyone.

Jamaica Zoo, originally called "Value P Zoo", came about in 2004. At this time, Mr. Fearon had a collection of over 30 different animals and birds, some of which are still being housed in Santa Cruz. Currently, at Jamaica Zoo, there are approximately 25 different species, with hope of increasing in the upcoming years.

​Upon determining the name of the zoo, family members wanted it to be named after their father, but Mr. Fearon decided that he wanted to represent his country any way possible, hence the name "JAMAICA ZOO".

The logo for Jamaica Zoo, which is the black elephant, in his own philosophy, represents power and smartness. He associates the elephant with "King Ship", and ruler of the jungle. Elephants provide for other species in different ways, for example, Elephants can provide water for other species by digging water holes in dry riverbeds,(the depressions created by their footprints and their bodies trap rainfall).

An Elephants journey through the high grass provides food for birds by disturbing small reptiles, amphibians or insects. Elephants are one of the longest living mammals to date, and by knowing some of these facts, Mr. Fearon chose the elephant for his logo, with hope that the Zoo will continue for many years to come.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday : 10:00 A.M - 5:00 P.M
Friday- Sunday-: 10:00 A.M - 6:00 P.M

Need to Find Us!
After passing through Santa Cruz, continue to mango avenue in Lacovia. Make the left turn across from a blue and white bus stop. On that road you will pass Lacovia Police Station. The zoo is approximately 2 minutes after passing the police station on the left.

Burton District
Lacovia St. Elizabeth Jamaica

Contact Information

Burton District, Lacovia, St. Elizabeth Jamaica
Phone 2

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