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Seville Heritage Park

Seville Heritage Park is one of Jamaica's most significant cultural heritage sites and the area is regarded as the genesis of Modern Jamaica.

The site has been occupied since prehistoric times, and includes the archaeological remains of the indigenous Amerindian (Taino) village of Maima, the 16th century Spanish settlement of Sevilla la Nueva, the post-1655 British sugar plantation known as New Seville, and the distinct landscape and flora that emerged as a result of these interventions.

Come see the collection of Artifacts on display in the Great House which show various aspects of the life of the Tainos, Africans and Europeans. Overlooking the beautiful Caribbean Sea, is the relic of a Water Wheel used to operate the Old Sugar Mill, the Overseer's House and a BBQ Grill.

The Seville Heritage Park is ideal for picnics, hanging out, & relaxation - plus for the adventurous, there is Horseback Riding.

Guided Tours are offered at the Seville Heritage Park for ~$20USD per Adult & $10USD for Children.

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