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It is the highest lighthouse in the Western Hemisphere being located at the top of a spectacular vertical cliff.

The surrounding area has been developed as a tourist attraction, with a restaurant and observation deck near the lighthouse stands at approximately 1600 feet above sea level and is powered by three different power sources.

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This is a really popular trip. This 33m tall red and white striped edifice marks Morant Point, the most Eastern tip of Jamaica. The 6m wide cast iron tube was shipped from England and erected in 1841 by freed African slaves from Sierra Leone. It is the oldest lighthouse in the island and is listed as a historical monument.

You can climb to the top of the lighthouse. The powerful view and the windy silence make for a profound experience as you look out over rippling cane fields, as green as limes, toward the Blue Mountains, caressed by clouds.

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The National Gallery of Jamaica, which was established in 1974, is the oldest and largest public art museum in the Anglophone Caribbean. It has a comprehensive collection of early, modern and contemporary art from Jamaica along with smaller Caribbean and international holdings. A significant part of its collections is on permanent view.

The NGJ also has an active exhibition programme, which includes retrospectives of work by major Jamaican artists, thematic exhibitions, guest-curated exhibitions, touring exhibitions that originate outside of the island, and the premier national exhibition, the Jamaica Biennial. The NGJ offers a range of educational services, including guided tours, lectures and panel discussions, and children’s art programmes and also operates a gift shop and coffee shop.

Last Sundays: the NGJ is open every last Sunday of the month, 11 am to 4 pm Closed to the public on the other Sundays and on Mondays and Public Holidays (Offices are open on Mondays)

The NGJ is also occasionally open on Sundays and evenings for exhibition openings and special programmes for more information, please visit this blog regularly.

Admission: Adults: Ja$ 400 (effective January 10, 2012)

Senior Citizens and Teachers accompanying student groups: Ja$ 200 (effective January 10, 2012)

Children and Students with ID: free

Guided tours: Ja$ 3,000 (general); Ja$ 2,000 (schools) by appointment only.

For tour appointment, please call the Education Department at 1.876.922-1561/3 (Lime fixed line); 1.876.618-0654/5 (Digicel fixed line); Admission, tours and children’s activities are free on Last Sundays, some special programmes such as film screenings, may however attract a fee.

Most special events are free. Some of the children’s programmes attract a nominal fee. Donations can be placed in the donations box in the reception area and help to support NGJ exhibitions and programmes.

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This Lighthouse is situated at south Negril Point which is at the extreme western end of the Island. The concrete Tower which is painted white, stands 66 feet above ground level and the light is elevated 100 feet above sea level.

The Lighthouse has an automatic white light which flashes every two seconds.

The Negril Lighthouse was built in 1894 by the French Company Bubbler & Bernard, on a tank 14 feet deep, which is kept filled with water. This is to keep the Tower balanced & secured in the event of an earthquake.

The Tower which is built inland, is cylindrical and has an elaborate light enclosed in a metal and glass protector on top of which is a wind-wane. Initially, the Lighthouse was operated by a gas lamp, but in 1956 it was replaced by an acetylene gas lamp. This was used until 1985 when it was replaced by solar energy.

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The Peter Tosh Memorial Garden is maintained by his family in the town of Belmont, in the Parish of Westmoreland, along Jamaica’s southern coast. It is at the site of the home where Peter grew up and is open to the public.

His birthday is celebrated there annually with live reggae music.

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