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This is is your one stop shop for the latest in Jamaican Dancehall moves. You will get a great cardio workout and learn the latest Dancehall moves while doing a fun workout. BRUKOUT & FREESTYLE is a series of dance steps and routines that is designed to have you sweating, burning calories, toning up and learning how to dance! Yoga & Pilates Classes too.

There are a limited number of spaces in each class to allow you to get the most out of your CHAi experience. Please book in advance; booking will open 24 hours before each class. If you are unable to make it please call and cancel.

Spaces will only be held up to 5 minutes after the classes have begun, after which it will be on a first come – first serve basis.

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The Peter Tosh Memorial Garden is maintained by his family in the town of Belmont, in the Parish of Westmoreland, along Jamaica’s southern coast. It is at the site of the home where Peter grew up and is open to the public.

His birthday is celebrated there annually with live reggae music.

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Welcome to the Trench Town Culture Yard web site!

Visit this evocative historical site in person, stay in touch with this pivotal part of Jamaica’s heritage here, visit us on Facebook, or share your experiences on TripAdvisor! The blog, Wah Gwan, does just that – provides regular updates about what’s going on in and around the Culture Yard. There is also a detailed and growing historical account of the Trench Town Culture Yard.

If you are thinking about visiting, there is information about how to get to the museum and what you can expect to see, hear and feel there.

The site lists Odda Tings & other cultural links and resources, and welcomes any suggestions that will help the Trench Town Culture Yard Museum extend its community.

The Trench Town Culture Yard is an architectural and cultural museum. It was in this yard that the community leader, Vincent Tata Ford lived. Bob Marley, arguably Trench Town’s best known resident lived here too. It was here that Bob Marley was taught how to play the guitar by Vincent Tata Ford.

It was here too that the very popular song `No Woman No Cry’ was co-written by Bob Marley and Vincent Tata Ford, which recalled their experiences living in the yard.

Bob Marley would also recall in song Natty Dread his many trips from First Street to Seventh Streets. It was while living at number 6 and 8 First Street that the Wailers were formed and Bob Marley and the Wailers’ first album `Catch a Fire’ was recorded.

The Culture Yard today hosts a souvenir shop and a small museum which contains articles, instruments and furnishing used by Bob Marley.

There are plans to refurbish and restore the buildings to their former glory and make this site an even richer heritage tourism destination.The Trench Town Culture Yard was declared a National Heritage Site by the Government of Jamaica in 2007.

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To experience the Real Jamaica, you must leave the tourist towns behind and venture into the hills. Here, life is abundant; Rivers & natural springs flow freely, People farm for their food & life is lived as it has always been- connected to Mother Nature. And It is here that you will find Zimbali Retreats which Features Tripadvisor’s #1 Restaurant in all Jamaica- Zimbalis Farm to Table Cooking Show.

Rated as the #1 Restaurant in all of Jamaica on Tripadvisor for 5 years, this is a Foodie experience that is not to be missed. Family owned and operated, this could possibly be the freshest meal you’ve ever had.

A fruit farm of over 1200 trees and 5 full time farm workers provide a steady stream of fresh fruits & food for where creativity and clean flavors can blossom. After a tour of the Farm you enter the specially designed cooking studio where the chef takes you on a 6-course culinary journey. Enjoy a bottle of wine and loosen your belt, there’s no holding back when the food is this fresh.

As with many traditional cultures, you sometimes have to travel a long way to get the genuine experience, and the same is true in Jamaica. However, you’re in luck! Located in the mountains 30 minutes outside Negril, Zimbali is a rare gateway from which you can experience the real culture of Rastafari. Located in Canaan Mountain come and meet Rasta ‘Fiyah’ and hike with him up to his farm ‘Camp Survival’€. 30+ years of natural living and farming, Fiyah upholds the real Livity of Rastafari.

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There’s something about Geejam. Nestled in the rainforest at the foot of the Blue Mountains and overlooking the azure seas of Port Antonio, a region of Jamaica frequented by celebrities and explorers for the last 100 years. Geejam is a hotel for the rest of us—a magical destination for those not looking to escape life but inspire it. The masterpiece of music industry vets and developers Jon Baker and Steve Beaver, the property plays host to the current Port Antonio Renaissance.

Geejam Hotel is an intriguing local haven for culturalists and creative instigators. A private oasis for discerning adventurists. A destination that celebrates the duality of natural beauty and modern convenience. With its rich tradition of attracting creative and free spirits seeking illuminating, melodic experiences this hotel has played host to a loyal celebrity and artist following (many of whom have made music history in the onsite recording studio), but also attracts solitude seekers with an effortlessly cool, laid back, and sexy vibe.

And though far-flung, it’s also warm, inviting, and altogether luxe. Breathe deep as the tree frogs and rock steady rhythms provide an epic soundtrack to your journey. Beautiful seclusion, tranquility, and stylish, sun-drenched daydreams await. Off the grid, yet totally dialed in. You’ll want to come back again and again.

Geejam Studios continues to be the leading residential recording studio in the Caribbean. Located in the picturesque parish of Portland, Jamaica, the property features twelve spacious guest rooms, three deluxe cabins, a junior suite, a self-contained villa with three guest rooms and private swimming pool, a state-of-the-art recording complex, a gym, spa and a Jamaican fusion restaurant and bar called the Bushbar, with a breathtaking infinity pool. Additional accommodation available are two beautiful villas — a six-bedroom and a four-bedroom.

Lusciously tropical and comfortably chic, Geejam achieves a stylish equilibrium between ultra-modern tech and the intrinsic grace of its island surrounds. Having catered to the music and film industry for two decades, Geejam offers customizable workspaces, all housed on one property.

Record an album, rent out a studio — or the entire property — or retreat into your own creative mind space. Geejam’s ongoing mission is to develop a unique haven for an ‘in the know collective’ of like-minded world citizens.

Please contact for rates.

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