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Drapers San is right on the sea in San San area, 4 miles form Port Antonio. Drapers San is a Bed and Breakfast which offers two cottage-style houses nearby the sea, surrounded by a colourful and flowery garden where chairs and benches offer the perfect relax.

The community of Drapers is approximately 5 km from Port Antonio, at the start of San San, an area which boasts the most beautiful beaches of Jamaica. Maria Carla, the owner, is an Italian who has lived on the island for many years. Besides taking care of her bed and breakfast, with her daughter Francesca, she is very involved with human rights issues and has established a non-profit organization called Stand Up For Jamaica which promotes several humanitarian projects.

For all those interested, the Association has a web site and is on Facebook. Maria Carla is passionate about reggae music and if her guests share this interest, she will galdly a van to take them to some of the most beautiful concerts.

Draper San offers a family atmosphere and there is always someone willing to provide suggestions and advice, information regarding the nearby areas and the local culture. Maria Carla and Francesca know Jamaica very well and are always ready and willing to share their knowledge with their guests. This is the best way to learn about such a diverse and fascinating country which is worthy of one’s curiosity.

Port Antonio is a small town which sits at the intersection of two twin bays where the twin islands are located. The town is fun and lively at all hours, with the exception of Sunday morning. The atmosphere is bustling both in the shops that sell just about everything and outdoors where the Jerk chicken is always being cooked in the barrels and the many carts sell fruit and sugar cane.

In the evening, the streets come to life with a great deal of dancing; again the atmosphere is lively and the Jamaicans stand out for the very bright and colourful style of clothing they love to wear because when the Jamaicans decide to go out and have fun, they love to display their elegance.

The Roof Club, the Road Block Dance and the Crystal are the most well known places. And should you stay there until very late, the taxi service, located in the market square, never sleeps. Our Bed & Breakfast offers 7 rooms which can accommodate up to 13 people at the most.

The rooms are colourful and are furnished in the Jamaican style. The guest house offers either a view of the sea or the garden. There are a variety of options from a triple room, a cottage and the Rasta Cottage all with private bath. We also have three double rooms and a single, each with shared baths.

The cost of each rooms includes a hearty breakfast with coffee, tea, bread and home-made jam, fruit, eggs or cake and the legendary banana and vanilla fritters. For anyone who wants to eat in, we have an excellent cook who prepares tasty meals but you must reserve by 2 PM because we do not cook any frozen food.

If you want to learn some Jamaican recipes, you are welcome to come into the kitchen and observe. Our Guest House also has an equipped kitchen where guests can cook their own meals. The rooms are cleaned everyday and linen is provided. We do not, however, supply beach towels.

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Come and see what is on sale at The Treasure Hunt Craft Shop. Treasure Hunt hours are 9:00 a.m. 3:00 p.m. Monday Friday, Saturday 9:00 a.m. 1:00 p.m. Or email the Treasure Hunt Craft Shop at or call us at 876 965-3878.

The Women’s Center located on Old Wharf Road off the main road at Kingfisher Plaza

How Can I Help? Do you have a particular skill which can be taught? Do you have knowledge which can be shared? Do you have supplies which can be donated?

Do you have time which can be spent? Do you have money which can be contributed? Whatever you would like to share with us, we would be most grateful to receive.

Items we are in need of include:

Sponsors to print T-Shirts displaying TBWG Logo and Sponsors Logo
Gently used clothes, shoes, books, houseware items.
Children’s items, clothes, games, educational toys.
Fabric, thread and notions
Exercise equipment and DVD exercise tapes
DVD movies
Craft ideas and supplies
Office Supplies

Please email the Treasure Beach Women’s Group for our latest wish list, contact us at, call us at 876-965-3878. Our office hours are Monday -Friday 9:00 a.m. – 3: 00 p.m., Saturday 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

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Welcome to the Trench Town Culture Yard web site!

Visit this evocative historical site in person, stay in touch with this pivotal part of Jamaica’s heritage here, visit us on Facebook, or share your experiences on TripAdvisor! The blog, Wah Gwan, does just that – provides regular updates about what’s going on in and around the Culture Yard. There is also a detailed and growing historical account of the Trench Town Culture Yard.

If you are thinking about visiting, there is information about how to get to the museum and what you can expect to see, hear and feel there.

The site lists Odda Tings & other cultural links and resources, and welcomes any suggestions that will help the Trench Town Culture Yard Museum extend its community.

The Trench Town Culture Yard is an architectural and cultural museum. It was in this yard that the community leader, Vincent Tata Ford lived. Bob Marley, arguably Trench Town’s best known resident lived here too. It was here that Bob Marley was taught how to play the guitar by Vincent Tata Ford.

It was here too that the very popular song `No Woman No Cry’ was co-written by Bob Marley and Vincent Tata Ford, which recalled their experiences living in the yard.

Bob Marley would also recall in song Natty Dread his many trips from First Street to Seventh Streets. It was while living at number 6 and 8 First Street that the Wailers were formed and Bob Marley and the Wailers’ first album `Catch a Fire’ was recorded.

The Culture Yard today hosts a souvenir shop and a small museum which contains articles, instruments and furnishing used by Bob Marley.

There are plans to refurbish and restore the buildings to their former glory and make this site an even richer heritage tourism destination.The Trench Town Culture Yard was declared a National Heritage Site by the Government of Jamaica in 2007.

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In an effort to promote sustainable community development, the Blue Mountain Project is committed to enriching the lives of rural Jamaican communities by providing assistance with basic healthcare, educational resources, and training opportunities.

The Blue Mountains are located 10 miles from Kingston, Jamaica. Here you will find Jamaica’s highest mountain peeks, over 7,000 feet above sea level. A small number of adventurous travelers take the challenge of hiking to the peak, where one can see Cuba on a clear morning. However, most of the time you will find a community of positive, hardworking people.

The mountains are covered with coffee farms and mango trees. Unfortunately, these coffee farmers take detrimental losses on their crops each year due to erosion and lack of equipment. Although this Jamaican java sells for over $35 per pound, these farmers only earn $10-$20 per day. There is no fair trade coffee from Jamaica.

The people walk almost everywhere as the infrastructure and access to transportation barely exists. Roads are not paved and are extremely narrow and dangerous. The roads become worse during the hurricane season. as a result of landslides and flooding. Sometimes the roads are completely impassable, leaving entire villages cut off from food and other necessities.

The Blue Mountain Project clinic opened in February of 2006, which provides basic health services for free. The Blue Mountain Project is engaged in a Capital Campaign to raise $25,00 to add dorms and a clean water system for visiting medical professionals. This improvement will expand the services that are offered to the community.

Programs that the BMP offers include: Hagley Gap Health Clinic: A free basic clinic offering services such as basic health checks, wound cleanings, blood pressure checks, blood sugar testing, mental health counseling and public health education.

Fun Camp: Free educational day camp that expands the minds of the children in Blue Mountains. A free hot lunch is provided. L.I.G.H.T – Adult training program designed to give young men and women job skills and educational opportunities.

Ambassadors: Non-Jamaican volunteers who live and work in the Blue Mountains for 12 months in exchange for room and board.

Service Learning Training Program: A training program giving locals the opportunities to learn about tourism industry first hand by coordinating the various aspects of the Service Learning Program for the foreign volunteers. Despite the hardships that the people face every day, one is sure to witness smiles on faces and hear the positive vibrations of reggae music echoing throughout the Blue Mountains.

Here’s Hagley Gap at a Glance: The People Hagley Gap, a small village of approximately 1,000 residents, is nestled in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. The town square consists of one streetlight and about ten little shops, varying from bars to grocery stores to fast food stands. Its residents reside in the surrounding mountainsides between the square and the Negro River. The people are generally happy and peaceful. Its demographics are diverse in age, yet homogenous in race.

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