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A veteran in Wales was fined £1000 pounds under COVID-19 rules for playing football with his two autistic sons in the park.

Yes, really.

“Just been to meet a veteran in Wales who was fined ~£1,000 for playing football in the park with his two autistic sons,” tweeted Ben Loughnane. “I don’t see how anyone can justify this. We need to take back the power we’ve ceded to the lockdown Stasi before it’s too late.”

As we reported back in October, people in Wales were previously banned from buying “non-essential” items in shops including children’s clothes and books, prompting one furious Welshman to tear down protective sheeting that was being used to cover up the items.

Meanwhile, a four day period over Christmas where people in the UK would have been permitted to meet with friends and family up to a limit of three household ‘bubbles’ is now being reconsidered.

In other words, the government is now considering canceling Christmas, with pubs and restaurants already being closed for much of the country that will remain under the strictest tier 3 level.

UK Hospitality CEO Kate Nichols said the measures made little sense given that new infections are primarily being driven by schools, hospitals and care homes.

“Putting hospitality businesses back into lockdown, which is effectively what Tier 3 amounts to, is not going to tackle increasing infection rates,” said Nichols. “Cases were higher at the end of the last lockdown – during which hospitality was shut down – than at the start.”

“The government is cracking down on hospitality for an increase in the infection rates that occurred during a period when hospitality was forcibly closed. It makes no sense,” she added.

By Paul Joseph Watson



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