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Yet another travel industry executive has stated that he believes so called ‘COVID passports’ will be introduced, requiring anyone who wishes to board a plane to be vaccinated.

The president of travel company Acendas, Brent Blake, told Fox 4 News that “Traveler safety, to me, is top-of-the-line for everybody. And in order to do that, there’s going to be some requirements to be able to travel.”

Blake said that he believes that “until the government comes up with a standardised process, it’s going to be a little bit of a wild west show.”

“Right now it’s just all over the board,” Blake noted, adding that “makes it difficult if you’re a traveler to say ‘Hey I want to book something three months from now or six months from now, will it still be open and accessible to us, and maybe our family going on vacation?’”

Blake continued, “My recommendation is; get the vaccination because that’s going to help you be able to get into those foreign countries with minimal hassle. And number two; be ready to change your plans.”

Meanwhile, Doctor Gregory Poland of the Mayo cling issued a warning about the pitfalls of so called ‘immunity passports’.

“If the card is going to be used as some kind of immunity passport, or some sort of requirement to work, or go into certain facilities, then it raises questions about ‘is this your card?’, ‘is your card real?’ etc.”

The comments add to the litany of other government and travel industry figures in both the US, Britain and beyond who have suggested that ‘COVID passports’ are coming in order for ‘life to get back to normal’.

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