We Are Confident (Remix)

Resist the System25
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Until, the Futility, of Electing one Party the Majority, and the other, the Minority, is finally, and permanently, discredited and abandoned – Nothing Good can be Accomplished.
That until there is no longer, Politicians ruling Second Class Citizens in any Nation. That until their False Claims of Authority, are of no more significance than any Truth in their Lies – Nothing Good can be Accomplished.
That until our Society’s Opportunities, are Equally Guaranteed to all without regard to Special Interests, and Ballot Box Tampering; Electoral Colleges; and Campaign Finance Contributions, Supreme Court Rulings; Don’t forget about the Lobbyists – Nothing Good can be Accomplished.
That until that Day – the Dream of Lasting Peace, Self-Determination and Sovereignty, and the Rule of Interpersonal Morality, will remain but a Fleeting Illusion, to be Pursued – but Never Attained.
Nothing Good can be Accomplished.
And until this Ignoble and Unhappy Regime that holds our Activists and our Journalists in Central Bookings, and For-Profit Prisons, and in Overseas Dungeons, locked up with Whistleblowers, in sub-human bondage, without Due Process, has been toppled, totally destroyed – Nothing Good can be Accomplished.
Nothing Good in the East, Nothing Good in the West.
Nothing Good up North, Nothing Good down South.
Nothing, Nada – Zilch for the People.
Until Division and Conquest, along with Malicious Fear-Mongering and Inhuman Corporate Interests, have been Replaced, by Natural Law and Equity, and with Uncoerced Consent, and People can Stand Up, Live their Lives in Freedom, as Equals under Creation – Nothing Good can be Accomplished.
And until that day, for as long as we continue to accept, the Rule of Aggression and Force, by Men with Badges and Guns, Initiating Violence as a Solution, we Human Beings will not know Peace – Nothing Good will be Accomplished.
Nothing, Nada – Zilch for the People.
We 99% will Fight, we find it Necessary, and we Know that we shall Win, not just because we Outnumber them – but because We are Confident, in the Victory, of Good over Evil.
Good over Evil.
Dedicated in Honor to the Speech given by H.I.M. Haile Selassie at the United Nations General Assembly in 1963, Robert Nesta Marley & the Human Son I will leave behind on this strange planet.

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