We’ve Got These Streets Locked (Humans are People Too)

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My Fellow Americans,

I stand before you tonight, on the Eve of our Momentous Election, with the Peril of Our Times, both suddenly and universally perceived.

In the Morning, we each go separately to the Polls – to cast our own Critical Vote, and tonight, in this difficult time for our Country, it is perhaps wise to ask ourselves – what kind of a Nation are we and what direction do we want to move in.

We can continue forward along our current path, allowing ourselves to be further divided; collectively conquered by false choices and redundant alternatives – Republicans standing polarized amongst Republicans, Democrats standing polarized amongst Democrats – yet, all moving in unison, toward the drumbeat of Greater Tyranny.

My Fellow Americans, working within the System to change things can never work. The main Purpose of any System, is always to perpetuate itself & it’s inherent status quo.

The System presents us with Illusion – the empty choice of Right Wing or Left – with the loud squawking of the Mainstream Media, serving to distract us from the fact, that we are all in the same clutches of the same monstrous bird.

A Carrion Bird of Tyranny, feasting its Beak on the Flesh of the People – its Claws – left and right working together, keeping us – its Prey, firmly in its grasp.

We have been divided by an Illusion of two choices – both parties the System in disguise – a bipartisan control framework, encouraging us to oppose each other and pick a side, and then the System comes in – to help us maintain order.

We have been divided by this Illusion of Opposites – this illogical version of freedom and false democratic ideals for too long.

After so much disappointment, time after time and again, why is the left/right paradigm still taken so seriously, by the average American – dreaming of freedom and retirement, while stuck as a slave until death?

The presumption spread by the System, is that Force is needed by Government to keep law and order.

The Glitch in their System is that if a Government has the legitimate power to use Force, then somebody, somewhere just lost the Inalienable Right to say No.

Tonight we should remember that everything government does is a ‘mandate’ – the use of force is implied against all who refuse.

The fundamental hallmarks of our Free Society should instead be Autonomy and the Rejection of Aggressive or Initiatory Force.

Those of us in Congress who believe in Individual Liberty, work tirelessly within the System to repeal tyrannical laws, restructure banking parameters and reduce federal involvement in the general lives of the People.

People say the only time Politicians can agree is when they come together and Vote to take away our Rights. No matter which party is in charge, Government gets bigger every year.

My Fellow Americans, the Political System is a Matrix – Tonight, that System is our enemy.

But when we look around our Country, what do we see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very People we are trying to save.

You must understand, many of these People are not ready to be unplugged. And some of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the System, that a few will even fight to protect it.

The System is designed to enslave – the faster the People run, the faster the treadmill goes nowhere. It’s time to get we are going, no more zigging left – zagging right and starting all over again.

Our ‘elected’ representatives are selected by the New World Order for their ability to return favors after the elections are over. We vote – we never really see the ballots counted – yet in the end, we feel like we had some say in things, when they tell us, later, in the dead of night, who won the right to rule over us.

We cannot mend the System from inside. That’s impossible. Instead – only try to realize the truth. The truth that there is no System without our consent.

It is not the System that mends, it is ourselves.

The enemy attacked our Message of Individual Liberty throughout the Campaign, on all sides with great strength and fierceness, their main power – the Power of Primetime Coverage, thrown into the battle or else concentrated upon FOX and MSNBC.

We took a Majority of the Delegates at the state convention in Maine – despite losing the caucus – yet, nothing in the News, just the usual chorus of soundbytes – our Campaign is not “viable”.

7,500 Grassroots Supporters at our Rally in the Rain before the primaries, on a school night – yet, nothing in the News, just the usual hitpiece orchestra – our Campaign is not “viable”.

The Main Message of Our Mind-Control Media – be in love with your reflection but afraid of your own shadow. You’ll never hear the real truth on TV – Republicans smoke pot and Democrats go to church too.

Every problem in our Country, reported on TV in ways to make it seem, that government will have to take big steps to protect us.

Government is not reason, it is not eloquence – it is a Force – like fire, a Troublesome Servant and a Fearful Master.

They gave us lies during the Primaries, they gave us lies at the Caucuses – what would we have gotten at the Convention?

This is why I decided to run as an Independent.

By continuing to Campaign as a Mainstream Candidate, running on a Mainstream Party ticket, within the confines of a Political Matrix, designed to guide our Country into fighting amongst itself – you, my Supporters would have already lost – long before the final hanging chad is counted.

This is why we went Independent, and now our Message has supernovaed – gone viral – it’s off the hook.

Our Message of Individual Liberty and Consent in All Things has Got These Streets on Lock!

Humans are People too.

This Miracle of National Awakening has been achieved by the valor of our Volunteers, our Activists and our Supporters.

By your perseverance, by your perfect discipline, by your faultless service, by your resource, by your skill and by your unconquerable fidelity – this Miracle of Awakening is manifest to us all, and, in the task which lies immediately ahead, when we Vote in the Morning.

Tonight, I say to the Whole Nation, let your vote be your voice. We are not Anonymous – We are not Divided – We are the People.

We have taken our cause to the Country and shattered all media and pundit predictions!

Running Independently was our best choice for seeing this through to the end – and because of your effort, People nationwide, in every walk of life, can now see what we saw – the false choice of Left or Right, meant to blind us from the truth.

In the end, it was our Grassroots Activists that won the Day – tirelessly Passing the Word of Freedom, with volunteer Email campaigns, phone banks from home – videos posted, rallies organized, online trolls debunked – Our Activists working day and night to get the message out, and now the People finally know *exactly* what we mean.

Our Message of Individual Liberty has got these Streets locked.

We have shown the People the world that had been pulled over their eyes to blind them from the truth. We have told them the truth; that’s why there’re here with us tonight.

They’re here tonight because they know something. What they know they can’t explain, but they feel it. They’ve felt it their entire lives, that there’s something is wrong with the world.

They don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in their Mind, driving them Mad. It is this feeling that has brought them to us tonight.

Many of us have fought vehemently during our Campaign to deny the enemy’s unchecked encroachment of our Rights, yet from the moment their Faulty Rhetoric and Statist Presumptions were discredited, our enemy instantly knew – their iron curtain of deception was being quickly torn away.

Only this – their rapid retreat to Intimidation, Aggression and Force, could possibly save them now.

My Fellow Americans, the once Immutable Position of Freedom has now sadly become a conditional privilege – a commodity to be Hedged and Traded with Impunity by the Elite, leaving the Masses enslaved and bewildered – retaining only Liberty’s Derivative.

Moreover, this visible, tip-of-the-iceberg Police State expansion that we, the general public can see, should indicate to all concerned, that in this brave, new, and dissident-free world; “Achieving Homeland Security” and “Protecting National Interests” must have involved – almost certainly, the Destruction of our Constitution and the Abandonment of the Entire Bill of Rights.

Behind this armored and mechanized Surveillance State onslaught, has come the Mainstream Media, with dramatical bread-and circus-distractions; and behind them – plodding away slowly – a mass of brainwashed people, always ready to be rallied by calls to trample the liberties and comforts of other lands – many liberties our citizens themselves have never known – or more probably, recently lost – here at home in their own native Country.

Pressing in upon their pre-rigged advantage, both during the Day and during the Night, the enemy began to fire Attack Ads with their Campaign Contribution Cannons, upon the beaches of Fair Discourse and Open Debate.

They have printed unfounded rumors proclaiming that I have conceded; they have aired hours of Pressitute Propaganda – Talking Heads of Hate and Hostility – dispatched by the waves, sometimes more than a hundred Pundits in one night – all there to cast Bombs of Doubt upon any serious Challenge to the System, and upon the Sand Dunes of Hope, which our People have set their eyes for shelter.

The struggle was protracted and fierce but now our Message has reached the People. Suddenly the scene has cleared – the crash and thunder of the System has, for the moment, died away.

We have fought a long and difficult Campaign, now it’s time to Flip the Script.

We can take the Blue Pill, the story ends. We go to the polls, vote for a mainstream candidate and believe whatever we want to believe when they tell us who won.

Or we can take the Red Pill, stay on the course of Freedom, and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

When it comes to Money, Power and Politics – the world is governed by very different people from what is shown on TV.

Real power maintains silent control; while the people are led to believe that they have political freedom – fake showdowns between fake political parties, fake slogans from fake and impeccably groomed Spokesmodel Candidates – all while the People continue to face the same oppressive agendas as before.

Governments which engage in coercion and plunder – a Monopoly on providing Cartelized Services through the legalized use of force – can no longer be logically considered a necessary evil, when Peaceful Cooperation is an option.

Most human interactions already exist without the use or need of forceful governing, yet they say – someone has to be in charge. They try to convince us that the relationship between the rulers and the ruled, is a necessary and natural division of labor.

They say human cooperation, social cooperation, spiritual cooperation – none of that ‘working in your best interests’ kind of flaky, new-age stuff is enough.

They say the only reason we get along and trust each other to cooperate, is because we know that Government will punish us if we violate each other’s rights.

Government protects us with punishment.

We both know that if I violate your rights, the Government will punish me, but if you violate my rights then the Government will punish you too.

Now we can all feel safe, warm and cuddly.

It is said that if you want society to become something different than it is, if you want to change a community – only 10 percent of the population needs to be convinced.

This has always been the Glitch in the System and now finally, Freedom once again, has the numbers she needs.

At this tipping point of time, our Message of Consent in All Things has spread like wildfire, through the video and social and wetube networks – altering expectations and behaviors on a National scale.

Now that we have reached this critical threshold – Hearts and Minds unshakable in their cause – it will take significantly less time for the rest to see, that there is a third point of view.

A third road less traveled, of Unity, Individual Liberty and Consent – avoiding the traps of “trickle down economics”, and the “no tolls equals no bridges” pothole too.

With our eyes on the prize of True Progress, there is no need to fight over who’s going to drive. Obstacles are what we see; only when we take our eyes off of the destination.

The People have begun to Question Authority, How did our Representatives end up with powers that we ourselves don’t have?

We ourselves can’t individually go next door and smack the cigar from the lips of a neighbor, simply because we believe tobacco is a social evil – making previously good, wholesome Southern Women act frisky or possessed.

The People have continued to Question Authority, How can our Representatives take our money against our consent?

We ourselves can’t individually go next door and demand funding for our kids, threatening to kidnap our neighbors, or lock them in a cage if they don’t submit.

The People have taken to the streets to Question Authority, How can our Representatives demand war, when it’s not their kids that will be going?

We ourselves can’t individually go next door, offering to buy few college books, if their son will go down the street and whack that obnoxious guy with the loud red Mustang.

As a People, we can do well in this country, but it’s Time for the People with the Real Legitimate Power – the “Base” – to be the ones sitting at the top of the heap.

It is Time for us to Flip the Script and turn Society’s Pyramid upside down – the Right Way Up – the way that it should always have been.

Fractional reserve banking underpins the Entire Monetary System, yet it’s Effects on Society are completely ignored and unaudited.

This poses Significant Risks to the stability of our Economy – which ought to give pause, to even a casual observer of Financial Markets.

Our Economy consists of vast amounts of Fiat Paper, pyramided on top of very small amounts of any Real Physical Assets – the entire Ponzi Scheme, is all backstopped by Taxpayers, and co-conspirital government guarantees.

We all want to believe in our hearts that we live in a Fair Democracy, but in our minds we already know that it is just organized mob rule.

In a democracy, the majority is always right, so their will must always be accepted – everyone else, a slave to mainstream thought and conformity.

In a Democracy, the interests of the Individual must be sacrificed for the Good of the Greater. All collective Systems eventually deteriorate into a police state – that’s the next step in keeping things afloat.

Should I win the Election tomorrow, can I then as President say – “I have been elected by the majority, so all my acts are obviously the wishes of all the People, so now they must be accepted”?

My Fellow Americans, this is how Dictators are born.

I am going to be very honest with you here tonight.

Freedom will not be won by compliance. Freedom will not be won by voting Left or Right. Freedom will NOT, be won, even by voting for me.

No One on Earth is Coming to Save You.

There will Be No Rescue – No One is Planning to Bail you out.

Only You can Save Yourself.

Many of you worked long, hard, untold and unpaid hours, campaigning to get others, to vote for my ticket – and I thank you – but becoming Free by delegating away your Individual Sovereign Power to another person – even me – is never going to work out the way you have in mind.

Welcome to the desert…… of the Real.

Illusion is the nature of the System. It is everywhere, all around us. Even now, tonight, in this very stadium.

Every time you fight for or defend against an ideology, even mine – you are playing a necessary role in the System’s plan, of Division and Conquest.

I’m not sure what this says about my character, but, the type of person that will invest most of their waking time working to be in charge of others – is, probably – the same kind of person that likes to force others to conform to their plans.

How can someone one else know what’s best for you?

Vote for yourself tomorrow.

Write Your Own Name in on the Ballot – it’s time to be honest with ourselves and tell public servants “Who’s the Boss”.

Stop trusting your lives to the Will of Men you Don’t Know – making decisions from a room far away and claiming you must obey their rules; simply because they put on a black dress, wrote down their ideas on a piece of paper, and then called it a law.

Write Your Own Name in on the Ballots tomorrow; tell the System you want to be in charge of yourself.

Tomorrow, November 5th, 2012, vote for the person that has really got your back, someone you trust to do what’s right for you.

It is almost the 5th, there is little time remaining.

There are exactly 129,314 seconds left, until the polls close.

That is the length and breadth of our window. Only The People can open the door to Sovereign Freedom, and only during the National General Election window, can the door be opened.

Vote for yourselves – Make your voices be heard.

The main problem of our Government is not from any weakness, but from its irresistible strength. We can never design a constitution that can guarantee that people in the government will not act as Tyrants.

They say the definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, while expecting different results.

The Left is not going to save you, and neither is the Right.

Tomorrow, Write your Own Name in on the Ballot – As much as I want the best for all of our Supporters – I cannot Save You Either.

How can another man claim the authority to make a decision over how you will Live your Life and Conduct your Affairs?

When a group of men and women – after getting together to carry out the act of keeping all the other men and women in a state of control – record their will to a piece of paper, this does not, in fact, change the reality of what the rest of the other men and women can or cannot do.

Government, in modern times, is the business of domination and control. It is the concept that one person should be controlled by another.

The power or right of Self-Government, is in an Individual who lives according to his own will, with Independence of Action and Freedom of Will.

Our Sovereignty is not subject to law, because our Sovereignty is the author and source of law. The People of any state are entitled to all rights which formerly belonged to the King or Queen.

Power may be delegated to various agencies of government – from time to time – but at the end of the day, Sovereignty remains with the People.

You cannot be a Sovereign and a Citizen.

With every American writing in their own name on every Ballot, we won’t have to wait for them to miscount the votes. It will be plain for all to see that We The People won this time around.

Who do You want to be in charge?’ – Tomorrow they will be politely handing out forms…

With nothing to loose but Aggressive Government Tyrants telling us what to do – while putting Corporations first, right next after the Banks – let us come to our senses, everyone – write your own name in, Let us Re-Elect Ourselves – We may never get a better opportunity to be Free in this Lifetime again.

My Fellow Americans, Tomorrow we will know the power hungry and the control freaks. We will know the dividers, conquerors – the Traitors of Freedom in our midst.

We will know them, because they will be the ones claiming they got more than one vote – so now they can tell everyone else what to do.

The existence of any System is because people obey. If everyone ignores the System – it will have no power at all. It’s only because people go along with it that it survives.

They try to scare us about Freedom, they act like being Governed gives us some kind of guarantee we would not have if we were free.

How smart can We The People be – if we accept the premise that a certain small group of Self-Interested People, have some kind of magical jurisdiction over a territory, simply because it lies within a geographical area on a Map called a Constituency – and that this Group of Self-Interested People can rule over us, with destructive brute force?

They claim to get their authority from legal fictions and pieces of paper that have no factual connection to anyone. The System is a masterpiece of deception, manipulation and circular reasoning.

The basis of their authority is that they say so.

How could a living, breathing Person be bound by generalized words in statutes, unless they were expressly and individually named?

The basis of their authority is that they say so.

No man can logically seize control over another in order to protect the other manʼs freedoms. We are sentient beings and, deep down, we know that we are supposed to be the masters of our own lives, bowing only to the Supreme Authority that authored our very existence.

So why, then, do we cast aside this need for freedom, this part of our very being, in order that we may live under this thing called Government?”

It is time to Ignore Them and Move On, We’re Not Going to Participate Anymore.

Please, My Fellow Americans – Please.

Please keep them Safe.

Please remember that these people are misguided by multiple delusions.

Tomorrow, do Everything in your power to Keep Them Safe – they are sick with power and in need of qualified, professional medical attention.

Do not Comply with their Empty Threats of Authority.

Eventually, our Country’s Medical, Security and Psychological Response Teams, will have to begin Collecting the Confused, the one’s claiming victory in an epic battle and that they have magical powers of authority, over random groups of strangers, to make them do whatever they wish or command, with just a squiggly wave of their special magic pen.

The Confused will be eventually be Collected, but in the meanwhile, we MUST keep them safe.

Many may appear Deranged, Disturbed, Disoriented and Afflicted with Denial, but they are still our Brothers and our Sisters. Walk away if you have to, but Keep Them Safe.

They know not what they do.

Recovering Tyrants have a history of, and are known to use threats of violence – and an illusion known as authority, in order to maintain control over potential victims or enablers.

Tomorrow, many of the politically afflicted will display outward agitation, or appear unstable, or act disruptively and prone to fits of aggression but – PLEASE REMAIN CALM – Special Response Psychological Assistance will be On the Way!

Keep Them Safe my Friends – Firmly – but politely, let them know – They are welcome to work with us as we build a new society, or they can cling on alone to the past.

The American People are back in charge, so they can either become Public Servants or get out of Our way.

Now that we all get what’s Really Going On – we can cut our Nanny strings from the State and move our lives forward – as we see fit, in our own chosen directions.

The biggest roadblock that we face in creating a truly free civilization, is the personal responsibility that will come with that freedom. To be Sovereign, one must take full personal responsibility over his or her life and actions”.

Our New Human Order will have difficult times – we’ve had difficult times in the past, we will have difficult times again in the future.

Our Victory over a Legally Imaginary Oppressive State will not mean an end to violence – or to discrimination or to deceit. There will still be social problems to be dealt with, within our Voluntary Society.

There will still be crimes committed and disputes to be settled. People will still be born ignorant, in need of education. There will still be the poor and the disabled – and there will still be greed in the minds of many men.

But how with that be different from any other day?

In closing, I leave you tonight with the famous words of the “Paranoid Patriot”, Nathaniel Frazier – from www.LiveFree.fm.

Imagine, if you can, a world where not only are you free, but all people are free and treated as equals. This world is possible, but to achieve it, we must first change ourselves. To live in a world that is free, we have to start by living free ourselves. We cannot force freedom on others, as force is the antithesis of freedom. We can only live free and autonomous and hope to be an inspiration to others”.

It is my hope that our Grassroots Presidential Campaign has been that inspiration to you, and that you, in turn, Tomorrow – will be that inspiration to others.

Let us spend this last night we have together – for the next four years at least – calling every friend, texting every number, emailing every contact and blogging whatever a blogger does.

Spread the Word, Pass On the Plan – Tell Everyone You Know – Write Your Own Name In Tomorrow – it’s Time to Take our Country back.

There never has been, I suppose, in all the World, in all the History of Humanity, such an Opportunity for Youth.

Our Founding Fathers, Our Dead Presidents, Our Patriots of Old, all fall back into the past – our Grassroots Movements of Today, go forth every morn, vigilant to the cause of Freedom and all else that we stand for, holding nothing in their hands before our enemy – the state – but tiny mobile communication devices, collectively capable of colossal regime shattering power.

Our Grassroots Movement of today, in so many ways and on so many occasions, are ready, linked together in their cause and in their need – ready to give voice and all for their native land.

I have, myself, full confidence that if all do their duty, if nothing is neglected, and if the best arrangements are made, as they are being made, we shall prove ourselves once again able to defend our Freedoms and our Liberties, to ride out the storm of Financial Oppression, and to outlive the Menace of Tyranny, if necessary – for years – if necessary, Off-the-Grid.

Even though large tracts of both our Online and Offline Lives are under constant surveillance, and many old and famous Activists have fallen or may fall into the grip of Homeland Security and all the Odious Apparatus of Fascist rule – We shall not Flag or Fail.

Humans are People too. We’ve Got These Streets Locked.

We shall go on to the end – We shall Stand Up to Them in the Airports, we shall Stand Up to Them at the Roadblocks and on the Trains, we shall Stand Up to Them with growing confidence and growing strength in the Parks, we shall defend our Inalienable Rights, whatever the cost may be, we shall Stand Up to Them on the Beaches, we shall Stand Up to Them on Capital Hill, we shall Stand Up to Them in the Fields and in the Streets, we shall Stand Up to Them in the Farmer’s Markets; we shall Never Surrender, and even if, which I do not for a moment believe, this Grassroots Truth Movement or a large part of it were subjugated and starving – locked away by the thousands in ‘Residential Facilities”, then our brethren beyond the seas, armed and guarded by the Truth, would carry on the struggle, until, in God’s good time and place, this New World Order is finally defeated, permanently destroyed and erased from the Sands of Time forever.

Thank You and Good Night Ladies and Gentlemen, God Bless.

The next time we meet – we will all be hanging out at Camp David!

May the Peace go with you.

Dedicated to the collective works of Nathaniel “Paranoid” Frazier, Occupy, the 9/11 Truth Movement & to the Human Son I will leave behind on this strange planet.

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