The Whole Truth & Nothing but the Truth (Jamaican Style)

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Greetings, your Honor, Mon. Cool Runnings!

To state my name for the Court, I & I was baptized Winston Reginald Campbell, but most of my friends just call me “the Ras”.

I & I’s presence here today, is to face this internal tribunal in the role and capacity of Director, Executor, C.E.O., King and Chief of the Legal Estate of WINSTON R. CAMPBELL, specifically written in uppercased, ALL-CAPITAL LETTERS, Mon.

Comes now, this Estate, otherwise known as my Strawman Account, is the legal fiction created by the Government at the time of my birth to administer the trust containing the inheritance of my individual personal share of this great nation’s wealth.

I & I, the flesh and blood Natural Man, Defendant-In-Error, by special appearance and not submitting to the Court’s jurisdiction, have been appointed Executor of this Estate, nominated by myself, in my other roles and capacities as Sole Beneficiary and Guarantor of the Trust.

Your Honor, not only am I & I the Owner of The Cargo, I & I am also the Captain of the Ship, Mon.

It is my understanding that you are a Public Servant, one of a larger Crew of Trustees obliged to act in the Interests of my Corporate Vessel – a Legal Trust and Personage initially registered by the Government with a Certificate proclaiming and recording my Live Birth.

You see, my Birth Certificate is one of the few documents I & I has that contains the Government’s own signature, indicating their obligation to act or perform under the terms of a contract.

Nuh true Mon? By the way, that was a negative averment so continue to big up yourself.

Irie, Mon. Cool Runnings.

Your Honor, if it I & I’s understanding that you are a Public Servant Trustee of the People, then there is an inherent Conflict of Interest as it is also the People, represented by the Prosecution that has come to Court against me.

If I am found Innocent and simply walk away after this Hearing, nothing is gained by the State or by the People it represents.

However, If I am found Guilty, then the State, inclusive of both the Prosecution and your Honorship, benefits positively from the statutory income gained from my fines, fees, penalties and court costs.

The State will only get paid if I & I is found Guilty, Mon.

I & I cannot get a fair Hearing because of the existing prior relationship and the vested common financial interests shared between you, the Decision Maker and the Prosecutor representing the People, themselves an Adversarial Party to this Case.

In a commercial Court you would have to recuse yourself, Mon.

There cannot be a Fair Proceeding if both the Prosecutor and the Judge are working for the same Babylon System, seeking the same financial outcome.

Your Honor, both legally and technically, you cannot be Fair and Impartial whilst an employ of the State and that in and of itself is not Irie, Mon.

Anyway, nevertheless, let us proceed.

I & I, flesh and blood Man, is here regarding the matter of legislative infractions charged against my Strawman Account with tickets and citations.

Your Honor, as a consequence of me being a simple Rastafarian not a Licensed Attorney, I & I is unschooled in procedures of Law and would like to ask a few questions in the Interest of Clarity between the Opposing Parties, Mon.

Your Honor, Is this a Judicial or a Legislative Court?

Irie, Mon. Big Up Yourself.

Your Honor, am I entitled to a Fair Trial and am I presumed innocent of the alleged crime?

Excellent, Mon. Cool Runnings.

So your Honor, am I then presumed innocent of every element of the alleged crime including jurisdiction?

Pram, Pram! Nuff Respect. Just what I & I was hoping to hear, Mon.

Your Honor, who has the burden of proof? Is it not the Prosecution, the Party bringing Claim before the court?

As such, does every element of the Prosecutor’s case, including jurisdiction, not have to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt?

Nice, Mon. One Love and Harmony. Thank you for indulging my ignorance. Please let us proceed.

Greetings Mr. Prosecutor, Good day to you Sir. I & I have a few questions for you and the Babylon System.

Boss Mon, Are the Opinions and Legal Determinations of the Prosecutor admissible against me?

Pram, Pram! No Woman, No Cry! Nuff Respect!

Was anyone harmed, did I steal or damage property or am I accused of intentional dishonesty, Mon?

Mr. Prosecutor, was Injury of another the result of my actions, is there compelling evidence of a victim or was someone made unwhole?

In other words, Mon, I & I wants to know if you have facts or Affidavits proving and attesting the existence of a complaining party?

Mr. Prosecutor, if there is neither victim nor injury, judicially no crime can be presented, yet half of the people in Prison today are there for so-called victimless offenses.

I & I doesn’t want to join them behind bars due to a Prosecutorial misunderstanding of Law, so I & I am thankful that Corpus Delecti cannot be established in my Case and “no Essence of a Crime” can be produced, Mon.

Pram, Pram. One Love. Everyone big up yourself!

Your Honor. Permit I & I to examine this Claim’s lack of merit even further.

Mr. Police Officer, it is your time to take the stand as the Primary Witness against me, Mon.

Constable, Is it Fair to say that you work for the People and that you have previously received both benefit and payment from the Party coming against me?

Pram, Pram! Big Up Yourself.

Mr. Officer, Is it also your Testimony that I was Present in the State on this particular date?

Is this Testimony that I was in the State based on Accurate and Conclusive Facts currently within your Knowledge or is this just your opinion, Mon?

Would there have been a crime if I was not present in the State on this particular day?

Thank you Mr. Officer. One Blood!

Can you now please tell me factually, what exactly is the State?

I & I objects!

How can the People be the State? If tomorrow everybody moved down to Antarctica then would the State move with them too? That doesn’t happen, does it, Mon?

So you changed your answer to the ground or dirt being the State now, Mr. Officer?

No Problem, Boss Mon. Cool Runnings. I & I is always happy to oblige an Officer of the Peace.

The State can’t be the ground or the dirt because it was here long before people and it will probably still exist long after the State is gone, Mon.

I & I’s conclusion would be that the ground is a separate entity, independent, exclusive and apart from the State.

So if the State is not the People and it is not the dirt beneath their feet, what exactly is the State?

Your Honor, I & I have not be presented with any facts and I & I have not seen any compelling evidence that a State actually exists, other than as a shared paradigm within the minds of affiliated groups of Men.

Your Honor, if the State cannot be proven to factually exist, it cannot be proven that I & I was physically located there, within the jurisdictional boundary of its Fictional, Legal and Artificial Mental Constructs or had Minimal Contact with it on any such date.

As a consequence, the Prosecution’s presumptions have now been dismantled, the required elements of Jurisdiction are not present and there is no further basis for this case, Mon.

Pram, Pram. Nuff Respect!

Your Honor, just to be absolutely certain that this matter is properly settled and that my good name within the community may still endure, I & I has a final line of questioning for the State-Employed Witness to my alleged crimes.

Mr. Officer, Are you Accusing Me of Violating A Statute and is it your Testimony that this Statute Applied to Me?

Is your Testimony based on Accurate and Conclusive Facts currently within your Knowledge or is this just more speculation on your part, Mon?

Finally then Mr. Officer, explain to me Factually, what is a Statute?

I & I objects!

Your Honor, how can Regulations, Statutes, and Codes – factually the written will of other people – compel me to act or restrain me from activity, as I & I is a flesh and blood Man, equal in Creation amongst all other Men?

My Will is as Equal as any other in Creation, so if I & I have caused no damage, no crime can be presented and no claim can be made, Mon.

If I have caused neither Harm nor Injury, nothing else can Lawfully be applicable without my explicit consent to understand and stand-under legislative jurisprudence.

This should be the presumption, especially if unknowing consent to Governance had been granted by me through prior Unrevealed Contracts with the State.

Your Honor, the Enforcement of man-made Statutes and Regulations upon me is a violation of I & I’s Human Rights, especially in a situation where I have caused no harm, Mon.

Under Natural Law, I & I cannot be compelled to act or be governed by the wishes of other people.

My right as a flesh and blood Man is to be free from the written, spoken or implied will of others, free to enjoy my portion of Earth’s Bounty left equally to all Seven Billion of us Humans by the Creator through His Biblical Will and Testaments.

Statutes, Codes and Regulations are legal and artificial and cannot Apply to me as a Natural Man, leaving even less further basis for this case.

Pram, Pram! One Love.

I & I hereby moves the Court to strike and dismiss the charges alleged, on the grounds that there is a lack of Corpus Delecti, failure to present a crime or case, and additionally on grounds of lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction on the part of the Court itself, Mon.

I & I further requests the Court to provide a full finding of facts and conclusions of law if the Court denies I & I’s motion.

Before I go, here is a little Rastafarian wisdom for the Court to put in its pipe to puff and pass along.

People don’t need Government.

Without Government and the hierarchical positions of leadership claiming power and authority over other Natural Men, a voluntary society would still exist, one of People acting in their own Best Interests, Mon.

Markets would still move, Factories would still Produce and even the Cows would get Milked.

Fishermen would still fish, Nurses would still nurse and Bankers would still Loot, Plunder and Pillage.

Your Honor, I & I submits that it is the Government and the State that needs the People to exist and not the reverse.

The People can survive quite fine without Government but Government can’t survive two days without the People, Mon.

My old Granny back Home in Kingston once told me that a fact is anything considered true by two or more Persons.

Without the consent of the People no System can persist, Mon.

We The People are the True Authority, free to engage the individual realities of our own Lives on our own terms, as long as no harm occurs and no foul can be called.

We The People are Inherently Free, both collectively and individually, each wielding a double-edged sword bladed with Complete Sovereign Freedom and Unlimited Liability for Our Actions.

Every barefooted Rastafarian child knows that People can’t be Free without the Responsibility that comes packaged with that Freedom.

More Freedom always means more responsibility. Absolute Freedom means Absolute Responsibility.

True Sovereignty, Mon. Personal Autonomy.

As much as it has been a pleasure sitting here with Standing, it is time for “the Ras” to return to I & I’s ordinary habits and activities, back toward fulfillment of my Creator’s greater purpose, Mon.

Your Honor, I & I appreciated the opportunity to lay bare the Prosecution’s case as a frivolous claim without merit, inferred presumptions of little and no weight.

I & I appreciated the respect shown to my inalienable Human Rights by Dismissal of this claim, supposedly based upon ink typed on some pieces of paper, alleged crimes against the Will of others and their communal Mental Constructs, without neither credible witness to my presence within some Factual Legal Fiction nor compelling proof of my Injury to Another Fellow Man.

Thank you, Your Honor, for the compliment on my education. I & I went to a good school back Home on the Island so my vocabulary is indeed quite numerous.

One day soon, your Honor, the Prosecutor and the Peace Officer should all three go down to Jamaica and Feel All Right, Mon.

(Wink, wink) Nuh true?

Nuff, Nuff Respect. One Love and have your Honorship an Irie Rastafarian Day.

Pram, Pram!

Dedicated to the works of Jordan Maxwell, Dean Clifford and Nathaniel “Paranoid” Frazier, & the Human Son I will leave behind on this strange planet.

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