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Safety & Security Concerns are some of the Biggest Challenges affecting Jamaica’s Tourism Competitiveness.

Community safety & security strategies & programs will need to be in place to ensure that visitors are not harassed or harmed, as well as to reassure them that Jamaica’s communities are safe, welcoming & friendly.

Wide-range scope using Community Tourism to not only improve the hopes, outlook & real economic incentives for all Jamaican, while simultaneously modifying societal behavior to drastically ostracize inpiduals who criminally target tourists – but also to utilize existing elements of Jamaican Community like Church & the Rasta faith to lead the charge in improving the moral character of the country – not to mention crime-reduction as a much need side-effect.

PUBLIC OUTREACH IS CRITICAL (We Need a Door-to-Door Campaign, if Necessary!!!)

Explain in detail the benefits of Community Tourism & the need for Tourists to be able to walk safely “right here-so” in each Jamaican’s inpidual physical domain.

We already have a cultural tradition of hospitality & generosity Community Tourism can support these objectives by promoting environmentally sustainable tourism development in communities, thereby contributing to improving natural resources management & the sustainable use of natural resources.

One of the primary motivations in pursuing Community Tourism is the opportunity that international market interest presents to enable communities to personify & strengthen their economies.

For instance, significant monetary non-judicial, punitive measures could become attached to crimes involving Tourists, to compensate society & remedy damage to “Brand Jamaica” – also serviceable by Hard-Labour, under JDF custody – imprisoned or otherwise.

This focus on “Brand Jamaica” as an additional victim/claimant would eliminate or bypass concern that the additional punishment infers a higher value being placed on the lives, property & sense of security of foreigners.

Without a concerted effort to not only address Crime but to also align everyday Jamaicans with the Goal of Improving Everyone’s standard of living via Tourism, we might as well just invest in 500,000 new Turbocharged Mini-Buses with Dark Tinted, Shatter-Proof Windows, to quickly shuttle Resort Guests back and forth to our so-called “Community Attractions”.

Assuming you can surgically separate the Traditional Visitor from their Lounge Chairs, to get them onto the Tour Bus for some Experiential Activity – outside of the Same Resort they just spent good money to stay at.

Not to mention the hours the Traditional Jamaican Tourist probably spent online researching “best places to relax poolside for an entire week”…


(Side Note/Editor’s Rant):

It Boggles the Mind Why We Don’t Have Electric Fences in Jamaica, as this would Reduce or Eliminate Property Crimes & Praedial Larceny within a Generation or Two!

We Simply Must Defeat Crime at the Cultural, Social & Economic Levels, both physically & mentally – and not only just for the benefit of Tourists.

Electric Fences will not killunless the Trespasser happens to be fitted a Heart Pacemaker…

Instead of One Long Continuous Shock being administered, Electric Fences deliver a series of short pulses in micro bursts – each one well within the limits of human tolerance.

However, at the end of this experience, where the “victim” has bypassed or evaded an external property fencing system & then willfully ignored the bright red signs warning of high voltage repercussions for trespassers, the safe & “humane” shock delivery of secondary electric fencing will ensure that the repelled trespasser never voluntarily touches another electric fence ever again in their lifetime.

By Winston Irie


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